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UK Dating Awards - Drawing Down the Moon nominated

Best Matchmaker – Drawing Down the Moon London

Drawing Down the Moon managing director Mary Balfour is shortlisted for both the Matchmaker of the Year and Dating Expert of the Year awards.

Drawing Down the Moon

Dating agency for thinking people

The Matchmaking Agency for the Thinking Person

Many of our members are highly trained professionals, while others have perhaps built-up a wealth of intellect through self-education.

Drawing Down the Moon

Marriage agency in London

Marriage Agencies in London

Watch great vintage footage of a marriage agency in London, with comparisons to a modern day matchmaking agency.


The matchmaker

London’s Premier Matchmaker

Within the role there are a number of match maker services that, taken as a whole, will help clients to find love. These things might vary between different matchmaking services, but we will look at some of things that are offered by DDM in this article.


Watch Drawing Down the Moon on Jon Richardson Grows Up

London Matchmakers Drawing Down the Moon Television Mention

Drawing Down the Moon MD, Mary Balfour, will feature in an episode of Jon Richardson Grows Up on Channel 4 tonight (15 September) at 10pm.

Drawing Down the Moon

Working with a personal dating coach

Do you need a Dating Coach?

Finding dating difficult and overwhelming? A personal dating coach can help you discover your true self that will attract the partner you want.

Date Coaching

Professional and ready to date

Matchmaking For Executive Singles

Away from work, professionals are just normal people, so what is the purpose of dating agencies that specifically cater for professional people? Find out now...


Dating agency professionals

What it means to be a Matchmaker

Drawing Down the Moon is staffed by dating agency professionals. We are to your love life what an accountant is to your books and what a chef is to eating out.

Drawing Down the Moon

5 ways to end a date

How to End a Date with Style

Do you find it difficult to end dates? Follow these strategies to say goodbye with minimum fuss and awkwardness, regardless of whether the date was good or bad.

Dating Tips

Touching on a date

What are you touching on Dates… and what does it say About you?

Well, what do you find yourself touching when you're on a date? Body language says a lot about us when we first meet people - what is yours saying?

Dating Tips

Executive Dating: What is it

Executive dating: what is it?

Have you heard people talking about executive dating? Find out what that means and how it could help you to find love.

Drawing Down the Moon

Dating for Professionals with not much time to spare

Matchmaking for Executives

What is professional dating and how is it different from other kinds of dating? Find out why many professionals need a new approach to the search for love.

Drawing Down the Moon

Is a dating agency right for you

Can a Dating Agency Help you Find Love?

Are you thinking of joining a dating agency? Find out if it's the right option for you or whether you would be better looking elsewhere for love.

Drawing Down the Moon

Surviving the wedding season when you are single

Matchmakers Guide to Acing Wedding Season as a Singleton

Have you got to attend a wedding without a date or a partner? Follow these tips to ensure you have a great time.

Dating Tips

Boost your chances of finding love

Six things you can do today to boost your chances of finding love

There are things you can do right now that will increase the odds of finding a meaningful relationship. Here are six ideas to get you started…

Dating Tips

How we find you love

An Inside View at London’s Premier Matchmaker

Fed up with all the dating disasters? Join us at DDM to experience well matched dating opportunities.


Stop dating the wrong person

How to Date and Find Love

Do you feel like you consistently fall for the wrong person? Do your failed relationships have the habit of repeating themselves? Here are our tips on breaking those cycles and starting to date the right people.

Dating Tips

I love Brenda tattoo

Am I in Love?

It can happen, but it's rare. Are you sure it's not lust at first sight? It is easy to confuse instant physical attraction with the sort of chemistry that can be the basis for a lasting relationship.

Dating Tips

How to stop men from waffling on and being a bit boring on a date

How to Get Men to Listen

The truth is that, all too often, it is women who are equally responsible for letting men they date waffle on, monopolising conversation and be quite boring.

Dating Tips

Smoking doesn't find you love

Why quitting smoking will help you find your soulmate

Nobody wants to date a smoker, not even a smoker. Improve your health and your chances of finding love.

Dating Tips

kissing on a first date

Should you kiss on the first date?

It's the end of a date. You think they're gorgeous and you're pretty confident they're into you, too. But it's only a first date - should you kiss?

Dating Tips

Pulling at a party girls

Party Pulling Tips for Gals

Are you heading to a party? It goes without saying that parties are a great place to meet new people. But when somebody catches your eye, how do you approach the special guy and make sure it leads to a date?

Dating Tips

Time are tough - Free dating ideas

Date for Free in London

Looking for an inexpensive date in London? They say the best things in life are free, so here are a few London date ideas that won't cost a penny.


Zap first date nerves

Simple Tips to Date with Confidence

Get tips on controlling your nerves ahead of first dates to ensure you make the right impression when you meet people. Nervous date people read on.

Dating Tips

How our matchmaking process works

The Matchmaking Process

If you've never joined an introduction agency before, here's a bit of an insight into the matchmaking magic of Drawing Down The Moon's elite dating service.

Drawing Down the Moon, Matchmakers

Helping you find your soulmate

How Matchmaking Helps Eligible Singles Find Love

Finding a long-lasting, meaningful relationship can be difficult. DDM offers a comprehensive service to busy professionals looking for their soulmate.

Drawing Down the Moon

10 questions to ask on a first date

The 10 Best First Date Questions

First dates can be nerve wracking and sometimes the conversation can lag. These 10 questions can help ease your way into a conversation that may change your life.

Dating Tips

Online dating is scary

Online Dating – the Downsides

A recent survey highlights the problems with online dating services. What's the alternative for more discerning daters?

Dating Tips

First date phone call

Tips for making that first date phone call

Nervous about making the call to arrange your first date? Here are the Drawing Down the Moon tips for getting that all important conversation right.

Dating Tips

Pesto sauce with a difference

Matchmaker Mary Shares Her Secret Recipe for Love

Mary Balfour, Drawing Down the Moon Dating Agency, shows how to make a delicious pesto sauce as a romantic activity for two with plenty of scope for flirting.