Why Career Women Reject Internet Dating

The internet is creating a growing asymmetry of expectations between men and women in the dating market. Men are increasingly turning away from personal introduction agencies…

Picking Up at a Party: Guide for Men and Women

It’s the festive season, which means end of year gatherings, Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve. Here are practical and workable guides for men and women for attracting the opposite sex successfully…

Are You Ready for a Relationship?

Are you sure you really want a relationship? Perhaps you’re actually quite content with being single but have difficulty admitting it.

Listen to dating tips webinar…

Heaps of effective strategies for dating success in this lively webinar. It’s quite long so perhaps pour yourself a glass of wine, then click on the link above to reach the Daters Anonymous site where you’ll see the play button for the webinar!

Women-only dating boot camp!

Hi, Mary Balfour here. I’d like to invite you to join my next women-only, dating workshop where I’ll
share my insider tips on how to develop a dating strategy that really works.

Getting a Buzz from Independence

Let’s look at the joys and advantages of being unattached and then imagine how great it would be if you could also enjoy most of these in a relationship! What’s the secret?

Informal Ways To Meet Singles

Smart singles are always ready to grab the unexpected opportunity. It used to be only men who seized chances for a chat-up line or played metaphorical footsy.

Love – the legal high!

I’m sure that many of us know this already. OK, it was only a small sample – fifteen to be precise – involved in an experiment at Stanford University. All were in the passionate early stages of a relationship.

Mary’s Own Happy Ending

My man number one was a 6’ 6” (!) alpha male. He positively towered above me. However, by way of practical, manly skills he was utterly hopeless.

The ‘marriage-saver’ toilet seat!

Kunio Harimoto, who sells Japan’s all-singing, all-dancing latrines around the world, takes loos rather seriously. One of his big innovations — dubbed the “marriage-saver”…

How I became a matchmaker

To watch a video of me talking about my various careers over many decades and how I finally arrived at being a matchmaker

I was on Saturday Live!

They very kindly asked me to contribute to their Sound Sculpture feature on Sat 27th March. What was the topic? Well, just for once it wasn’t about top tips for surviving a first date, but burnt toast.

Women-only dating seminar

I want to help you find and keep that gorgeous guy! If you secure a place on my next “Find my Man Now“

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