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Does your job attract a partner

Does your job attract the opposite sex?

Find out which professions are the most attractive to the opposite sex and what jobs have the most sex appeal for dating in London.

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Successful first date tips

Tips for successful first dates

First dates are often make or break situations. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to break. Follow these tips to give you the best chance of success.

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Internet dating tips in London

How Women Can Successfully Date Online

We have put together a list of dating tips for women in London on their way to finding that special someone, along with an informative video.

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Happy New Year Dating Resolutions

Date Better in the New Year

Inspirational notes from Drawing Down the Moon that will help lift your spirits and get you ready for a fresh start and a new year of successful dating.

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Personal matchmaking vs online dating, the glove are on.

Dating Online and Offline

The reasons why Drawing Down the Moon's personal matchmaking service can benefit those London based professionals tired of the pot luck of online dating.

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Get a tailored match

Let a London Matchmaker Find You Love

At DDM we have the perfect service for professional men in London who are seeking a serious relationship as an alternative to online dating.

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What to buy a new lover for Christmas

What to Give a New Partner at Christmas

Just what do you buy that new special someone at Christmas that you haven't been dating that long without having to return it

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Dating tips in the festive season

How to Find Love over Christmas

The festivities at Christmas can be the perfect opportunity to meet someone new in London, this dating advice will be sure to help you meet Mr. or Misses right.

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Dating advice for men on a first date

Matchmaking Advice For Men

Men, what should you remember and be aware of before a date? This blog will give you some vital tips to survive a date and hopefully get on to a second one!

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Age is just a number

The Age of Dating

At DDM we are always managing people's expectations with regards to age. Finding a compatible partner rather than a parent for a future child is a must.

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Cold hearted

Love in a cold climate

an love truly blossom in the current cold weather? It doesn't seem so does it? How are you supposed to have warm feelings towards someone when you're freezing throughout..

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Cheesy valentines

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

The concept of Valentine’s Day originates from early Christian martyrology associated with Saint Valentine who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden...

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Matchmaking in Washington DC

Matchmaking in the heart of Washington

Matchmaking in Washington, D.C. is unique. This city is comprised of successful politicians, lobbyists, attorneys and a myriad of other highly successful professionals...


Find love in LA - singles tips

Matchmaking in the CIty of Angels

Ever wondered what's it like finding love for the beautiful people in LA? Here a top matchmaker in the city of Angels tells you exactly that..

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Why does love hurt

Why does Love hurt?

I wonder though if when talking about love to a child instead of focusing on how ‘another person’ can bring happiness & love, would it be better to talk about


The joys of text

The Joy of Text

Are we cancelling and delaying dates in London too easily with the help of modern technology?

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Speed dating in 1939, using a marriage bureau

Watch “speed dating” at 1939 Marriage Bureau – courtesy Pathé Pictorial

Authentic film footage of a 1939 marriage bureau in action - courtesy of Pathe Pictorial newsreel and Guardian Unlimited.


Balancing relationships and work

Love in the 21st Century

How to find a balance between love-life and career? At Drawing Down the Moon we specialize in helping London based professionals begin new relationships.

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Men and cheating

Leave Their Ex behind in Love

Drawing Down the Moon's dating advice for professional men in London and the South East of England. The topics of conversation to avoid on a first date.

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Serial Daters vs One at a Time

Domino Dating to Find Love

Is dating a 'numbers game' for you or do you invest a lot on one date? Domino-dating strategy is the most effective according to Mary Balfour.

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Blonde or brunette

Blondes or Brunettes?

At DDM we ask people based in London interested in dating and relationships if real beauty can be defined by short or tall, blonde or brunette.

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The Chemistry of Love

More Couples Find Love at DDM Matchmaking

Successful relationships of couples in London having a baby introduced by our dating service at Drawing Down the Moon.

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The Top Matchmaking Conference

Ever wished the ground would swallow you up? Pier certainly did on a recent trip to Miami for the iDate conference.

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Single and stuck in a rut or independent and happy

Are you a woman stuck in a single rut?

It's your choice: develop your strengths or indulge your weaknesses. "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." Gloria Steinem

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Guys take note, dating tips for men, how to get the girl

Mens Dating Advice from London’s Foremost Matchmaker

Mary Balfour, MD of Drawing Down the Moon Dating Agency, explains how to find your soulmate.

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Chocolate and relationships

Chocolate and Dating

Mary Balfour met the founder of Rococo chocolates and discovered how Chocolate affects your health, relationship and sex life!

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Blindfold chocolate tasting - valentines special

Chocolate Tasting For Valentine’s

For a really different follow up to that fantastic 1st date Drawing Down the Moon Dating Agency suggests blindfolded chocolate tasting at Rococo Chocolates


Texting dating

Matchmaker Approved Texting Advice

Smart phones don’t necessarily signal the death of the ancient arts of courtship and conversation as suggested by some.

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First date tips, be successful at dating

How to Turn a First Date into a Second

How to get and survive a first date that leads to a relationship…..

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Food and wine and dating

Wining and Dining For Dating Success

The whole process of eating and sharing food and drink stimulates our body language and plays an essential role in creating a lasting relationship...