Internet dating tips for women

While experience tells us that a personal introduction agency is the most effective and safest way of meeting people, internet dating can work if you do it properly. Here are our tips for successful online dating for discerning women.

Go for volume dating
Arranging lots of short dates is the way to get the most from internet dating. On some of the bigger online dating sites you’re effectively looking for a needle in a haystack. The more dates you go on, the more chance you have of finding what you’re looking for.

Prepare for rejection
Hiding behind a keyboard can give people the confidence to be a bit more abrupt than they would be face-to-face. You need broad shoulders and an acceptance that setbacks are part and parcel of internet dating. Just move on.

Choose a site with comprehensive written profiles
Men looking for a one night stand are unlikely to have the patience to fill out lengthy profiles. The dating sites that require more effort from the user usually whittle out more timewasters.

Seek Mr 60% Right
Don’t trust your preconceptions about what you’re looking for. What you currently think is Mr 100% Right probably doesn’t exist. Meet men who don’t necessarily tick all of the boxes – you might be surprised.

Pick the right username and write a flirty headline
Humorous, romantic and even risqué will catch the eye. Anything sexually suggestive is likely to attract the wrong crowd if you’re looking for a lasting relationship.

Avoid negativity
Putting a downer on your reasons for using the online dating site in your profile will make you sound emotionally needy.

Choose a flattering profile photo
Profiles with photos get 10 times more responses than those without, so it’s important that yours has one. Spend time finding or taking the perfect photo for your profile.

Check out other profiles
If in doubt, see what other people are doing. Get a feel for what works and what doesn’t by learning from other profiles.

You’ll find more tips in the video above.

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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