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Easy Ways to Flirt with Your Date!

Easy ways to flirt with your date

Flirting is essential if you want to make romantic progress with your date. It can be tough knowing what to say or do, though—so we’ve put together some of our best flirting tips for men and women for successful dating!

Flirting in Conversation

  • Use their name—it creates some serious electricity.
  • Pay them a compliment.
  • Listening proactively—reflect on what they’ve said, but using different words.
  • Ask open-ended questions about what they think, feel, or believe. (But don’t interrogate.)
  • If you’re stuck for what to say, ask them to elaborate on something they said earlier.

Flirty Body Language

Perhaps the single most important way to flirt nonverbally is simply to smile. Use it sparingly, either as a statement in itself or to reinforce what you or your date just said. Let it suffuse your face for a moment’s reflection.

Women only

  • Sensually play with your hair, necklace, or earring.
  • A sideways glance is sexy, with the power to take him by surprise. It’s particularly effective when emanating from beneath some tousled tresses before they’re nonchalantly flicked back!
  • Hold eye contact a moment longer than is necessary—but don’t stare.

Men only

  • Relax, sit tall, and fully face your date, giving her your undivided attention.
  • If she’s giving defensive signals, you may be acting too forward. Slow down.
  • Subtly caress your wine glass or another object to hand.

Intent is key!

Even if you’re shy or nervous or haven’t dated in a while, remember: as long as you’re aiming to make your date feel special, it’s the thought that counts—even if you stumble a little along the way! If they like you, they’ll forgive the odd faux pas—if anything, that will only endear you to them more!

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