Elite matchmaker services

Within the role there are a number of match maker services that, taken as a whole, will help clients to find love. These things might vary between different matchmaking services, but we will look at some of things that are offered by DDM in this article.

How our matchmaking process works

If you’ve never joined an introduction agency before, here’s a bit of an insight into the matchmaking magic of Drawing Down The Moon’s elite dating service.

Personal matchmaking vs online dating

The reasons why Drawing Down the Moon’s personal matchmaking service can benefit those London based professionals tired of the pot luck of online dating.

Matchmaking in Washington, DC..

Matchmaking in Washington, D.C. is unique. This city is comprised of successful politicians, lobbyists, attorneys and a myriad of other highly successful professionals…

Matchmaking in the City of Angels…

Ever wondered what’s it like finding love for the beautiful people in LA? Here a top matchmaker in the city of Angels tells you exactly that..