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Matchmaking in Los Angeles: Why I Love My Job

What’s it like to be a personal matchmaker in a star-studded, glamour-obsessed city like Los Angeles?  This question comes to me all the time, and in particular people want to know what it must be like to work with the rich, the famous, and the gorgeous.  Well, there’s never a dull day, that’s for sure.

Here’s what’s happened thus far today.

On my coaching call with my positively beautiful 34 year old talent scout, Laura, I learned that she has two very interesting gentlemen chasing after her, each asking her out for a second date.  Should she say “Yes” to each of them?  I said… “Of Course, you should!”  Entertain both suitors (but um…not at the same time…), and see who grows on you. 

Watch to see which one of these suitors shares your key values, life goals, and a couple of passions, and look to see if that magical chemistry element is there for you both and if it feels like home being in his presence.  When asked out on a date by a suitor, when in doubt, say “Yes.”

My next call was with my Client, Jim, a super successful real estate developer who’s 46, divorced, not bad looking, with a great personality and who’s really, really selective – in the looks department he pretty much always shoots out of his league, but since he’s very wealthy and powerful, women tend to fall into his lap. And yet he wonders why the women he dates are typically the gold-digger types, shallow, and superficial… 

Today poor Jim needed a pep talk because he really liked his Saturday evening date with our Client, Samantha, who is a stunningly beautiful fitness trainer, twelve years his junior – exactly “his type.”  But Samantha declined his invitation for a second date, as she is hoping to partner with someone who is closer to her own age

Though I had to give him some rather bad news, he was glad to hear about the next introduction I have lined up for him, which is with a very attractive attorney who’s closer to his age and who shares his passion for SCUBA diving and cycling.  I’m gently guiding him into the realization that stretching a bit on his age preferences might just be more fruitful for him.

I met with a remarkable gentleman who’s in his late 60’s, a business consultant who’s recently divorced and a tad bit nervous about dating for the first time in over thirty years.  We did some role playing together to help him learn how to best answer some of the dating questions that can be mine fields for those who are newly single.

I met with a gorgeous 46 year old woman, who wants to date and meet some great men, but she is so recognizable and well-known as a movie producer that she doesn’t feel comfortable having her photos posted on an online dating site.  So she signed on with us as a Client in order to meet some really fitting candidates without having to “expose” herself on an Internet site.

Julie Ferman

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