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5 golden rules for dating successfully online

5 Golden Rules For Dating Online in London

Online dating in London can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are 5 golden rules for dating successfully online, so you can find the love.


Looking for signs you are dating the wrong person

Dating the Wrong Person? How to Break up

If you are feeling stuck or uncertain in your dating life, read on – you're not alone, and there is a positive path forwards for you. 


Situationship vs Friends with Benefits

Situationship vs Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits, a situationship or a relationship? Make sure that your “relationship” isn’t actually just a situationship.

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Love is not a list

Why You Shouldn’t Write a List for Love

Love is Not A List, don’t put barriers in your path to finding true love, and instead find someone kind with whom you can develop the slow burn. 

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Essential first date tips

Top Matchmakers Ultimate First Date Guide

First date tips and advice that will help you be more successful when you go on a date. The do's and don'ts that will guide your dating journey.

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What is a matchmaker

London Matchmakers Drawing Down the Moon

A matchmaker strategically introduces potential long-term romantic partners based on compatibility and grows their social networks to match soulmates.

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The Church garden: Walking dates in london

The Most Romantic Walking Dates in London

There’s something so romantic about walking dates in London. No frills, no pomp—just conversation and stunning scenery. Here are 5 romantic walks in London!

Date Ideas in London

The 3 Stages of Successfully Getting Over a Breakup

How to Get over Heartache

A breakup is difficult no matter who initiated it. It takes time to recover from—and you need to do it properly if you’re truly going to move on


High-profile dating: celebrity relationships

How Matchmaking Helps Celebrities Find Love

Celebrity dating can be very difficult where everyone is watching to see what you are up to. Here are our expert thoughts on high-profile dating.


Zoom date ideas

Long Distance Dating – Using Zoom for Success

We think that there has never been a better time to date. Zoom and video technology has made it easier to make lasting, deeper connections.

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Matchmaker tips on how to make yourself easier to match

Find Your Perfect Match

Are you using or considering using a matchmaking agency? Here are some excellent tips on making yourself easier to match.


Find love in LA - singles tips

Matchmaker Approved Tips on Finding Love in LA

The City of Angels is a thriving hub of sexy singles—but with so many leading busy lives, you need to make some time to get out there yourself!

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How to maintain a long distance relationship

Long-Distance Love

Long-distance relationships are hard. But by making time for each other and being open, you can keep the romance alive until you're back together.

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Dating in San Francisco

How to Date in San Francisco

Dating in San Francisco is different from dating in London. There’s a little more mystery. A little more say-it-like-it-is. Oh—and more emojis.

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first date conversations tips from matchmakers

Matchmaking Advice on How to Ace First Dates

Talking to a stranger on your first date can be daunting. Check out our first date conversation tips to know what to say and when to keep quiet.

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Lazy Dater

Dating for Lazy People

It is incredibly easy to become a lazy dater. If you are waiting to be impressed rather than impressing your date, you could be missing out.

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The narrowboat in Islington

Islinton’s 5 Best First Date Venues

There’s some great date ideas on offer in Islington. You and your date are sure to find the perfect spot for that all-important first date!

Date Ideas in London

Wallace Collection Cafe is great date idea in London

London’s Most Romantic Date Ideas

Getting the location right is not easy so we have put together some date ideas in London to help you find the perfect date venue.

Date Ideas in London

A singles guide to Barcelona

Dating in Barcelona

Gorgeous sun, vibrant culture—and some seriously sexy Spaniards soaking in some rays. Yep, Barcelona’s something of a paradise for singles.


call me mr lucky borough for a romantic date

London’s Best First Dates in Borough

Borough is conveniently located near London Bridge and has some of the finest views of the London skyline. Check out our top 5 first dates venues!

Date Ideas in London

Finding love and keeping it

Matchmakers Guide to Keeping Love

Lasting love is not easy, and neither should it be. Here are some tips on how to find it, and advice on how to keep it when you do.


Romantic walks through Regents Park

The Best Parks in London for Romance

Few capitals have as many gorgeous green spaces as London, so you’re sure to find the perfect park for your romantic stroll! Here are our top 5.

Date Ideas in London

Rotunda Kings Cross, First date idea in North London

5 Brilliant First Date Venues in North London

North London boasts a vast array of fabulous bars and restaurants ideal for a seriously romantic to find the perfect date idea.

Date Ideas in London

Romantic date idea in Knightsbridge at the Egerton House Hotel

Matchmaker Approved First Date Venues in Knightsbridge, London

Knightsbridge is one of the most affluent parts of London, so if you’re looking for an opulent first date spot to impress, you can’t go far wrong!

Date Ideas in London

Date night venues in primrose hill

Primrose HIll – Matchmaker Approved First Date Venues

No matter the season or the weather, Primrose Hill has something for everyone when it comes to first date spots. Check out our top 5!

Date Ideas in London

Date restaurants in Belgravia

London’s Best First Date Venues in Belgravia

Belgravia is awe-inspiring no matter who you are, and stuffed with surefire winners when it comes to potential first date ideas! Check out our top 5.

Date Ideas in London

Scarlett Green Restaurant for a blind date

London’s Soho – Matchmaker Approved First Date Ideas

Looking for a first date to remember? You can’t go far wrong with a night in the thriving hotspot that is Soho! Check out these 5 first date ideas.

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Best first date restaurants or pubs in East London

Matchmaker Approved Dating Venues in East London

There’s a whole word of first date venues in East London. No matter your vibe, you’ll find a romantic spot tailor-made to you and your date!

Date Ideas in London, Dating Tips

A good date pub, The Gibson

Matchmaker Approved First Date Venues in Clerkenwell, London

Clerkenwell is a stylish part of London boasting a diverse array of brilliant bars and restaurants. Check out our top 5 first date spots in Clerkenwell!

Date Ideas in London

Wild first date idea in Victoria London

Why London’s Victoria is a Great First Date Location

Victoria is one of the swankiest parts of London—and the perfect place for a first date to remember. Check out our top 5 first date ideas in Victoria!

Date Ideas in London

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