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Dating as a single parent

Single Parent Dating Tips

In London there are many single parents yearning to meet someone new. You can find love and companionship, but it's likely going to be more complex than before.

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The perfect first date, find dating success

Going on a First Date – How to Make a Date Successful

Over coming first date nerves and finding the right conversation helps to make your date successful. Use body language to find out if your date is interested.

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Start looking for the love of your life

10 places to start looking for the love of your life

If you're looking for love but struggling to find the right person, maybe you are looking in the wrong place. Here are 10 ideas of where to meet people.

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Couple flirting outside london cafe

Learning how to flirt on a date in London your way

‘Help! I’m not a born flirt’, Wrong. You were born a fabulous flirt. We were all born fabulous flirts. Learning how to flirt is natural.

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Love - when we all need it the most!

Love – when we all need it the most!⁣

There's no two ways about it—these are worrying times. But luckily we have the technology at hand to stay in touch with our loved ones—and even date.

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Single Parent Dating Advice

Matchmaker Approved – Single Parent Dating Advice

Being a single parent is a wonderful thing to experience. Here are our matchmaker tips to help you with the dating process.

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Be the best version of yourself - optimise you dating opportunities

Optimizing Your Dating Opportunities: Be the best version of yourself

Well….. it might be! Perhaps you’re giving off the wrong vibe, you talked too much, not enough, you appeared too intense or too opinionated.

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Gillian McCallum, Matchmaker winner 2020

Gillian McCallum: Best Matchmaker 2020!

Our CEO Gillian McCallum is honoured to have been given the international iDate Award for Best Matchmaker 2020. That's five years in a row for DDM!

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Meeting Oscars Nominees

Meeting the 2020 Oscar Nominees

Drawing Down the Moon would like to introduce you to this year's Oscar Nominees.

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Attached book review

Book Review: Attached – The Science of Adult Attachment

Attached is an evocative exploration of attachment theory, and encourages readers to consider their own relationships in a way they’ve never tried before.

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Transatlantic Dating

Transatlantic Dating Between London and New York

Transatlantic Dating is becoming popular as more people commute between London and New York. Here is how to make it work.

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5 date ideas in Paris

5 Great Venues for First Dates in Paris

Paris is renowned for being one of the world's most romantic cities. Check out our 5 amazing date ideas for the City of Love and Light!

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How to get back on the dating scene after a break up

How Can I Get Back on the Dating Scene After a Breakup

After a breakup, you can start afresh, be your true self. Take some time to reflect on the experience—then put together a plan to meet new singles!


Be a happy singleton

Be a happy singleton – The first step to a fulfilling relationship

Being in a relationship won’t make you an amazing person with interesting hobbies and knowledge. That’s all up to you as a single person, as an individual.

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Conversation Tips for Dating

Conversation Tips for Dating

Knowing what to say and how to say it is very important on dates. Here are our conversation tips for dating.

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Toronto Dating

How Dating In Toronto Is Unlike Anywhere Else

Toronto is a wonderful city for new relationships Here are our tips for successful Toronto dating.


London Events for Singles on Valentines Day

Top 10 London Events for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s - the one day each year that we celebrate being in a relationship has arrived again. But what if you are single on Valentine's Day?

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Andrea Galvin

Andrea Galvin – Best Matchmaker 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Drawing Down the Moon matchmaker Andrea Galvin has been awarded Best Matchmaker 2019

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Cait Baker

Cait Baker Finalist Best Dating Coach 2019

Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking are thrilled to announce that Cait Baker has been named a Finalist by iDate

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Cuffing Season – Are you ready?

Halloween holds its own terrifying turn for singles; not only is it a time to dress up in fancy dress, daters know it is the official start of Cuffing Season!

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Relationship blocker - dead end

Identifying Relationship Blockers

Any of us can have something that holds us back from taking action, and to minimize its power over us we need to confront it. What, in your present situation, is blocking change – the change from being in a single state to in a relationship?

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I am not a victim, strong girl club

“My name is Rebecca Humphries and I am not a victim”

I am not a victim, the opening lines of a statement from actor Rebecca Humphries, whose partner of 5 five years was caught in the act.


how easy is it to find your prince or princess

How to meet your Prince or Princess: A guide

As the buzz of the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle is being fluttered throughout the country How easy is it to find your Prince or Princess?

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Drawing Down the Moon – Awarded Best Matchmaker 2018

We are delighted to announce that Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaker Gillian McCallum has been awarded Best Matchmaker 2018

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5 most romantic restaurants in London

Top 5 Most Romantic Restaurants in London

At Drawing Down the Moon, we think it is really important that a first date lasts a maximum of 90 minutes and involves two drinks at the most.

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first date nerves

Suffer from First Date Nerves? Here is How to Handle Them!

One of the worst things about dating, which can prevent the date from even happening in the first place, is nerves.

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Sex on a first date, Dating in your 40s

Sex on a First Date? Dating over 40!

Ex headhunter Gillian McCallum and now CEO reveals how to make the most of your first date, what to wear and even what not to say.

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5 reasons to date a shorter man

5 Reasons Why You Need To Date A Shorter Man

When you think about it, Mr. Darcy, is arguably the most irresponsible man on the planet. Date successfully by including shorter men.

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Are you being phantomed?

Are you being Phantomed?

If you thought that ghosting was the pinnacle of dating brutality, allow me to introduce you to ghosting’s manipulative cousin, ‘phantoming’.

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What is Breadcrumbing? 5 Signs Breadcrumbing is happening to you!

Breadcrumbing is the most brutal dating tactic yet. If you thought ghosting was the latest dodgy dating tactic, you will be surprised to hear that bread crumbing has a far more divisive approach.