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What is Cuffing Season?


Halloween holds its own terrifying turn for singles; not only is it a time to dress up in fancy dress, daters know it is the official start of Cuffing Season!

Whilst kids don their capes and fangs, and freshers take the Mean Girls cue, singletons go on the prowl for a partner who can weather the winter months with them. Here at DDM we are dedicated to establishing long term relationships.
Cuffing season can be the perfect entry for daters to get themselves into a long term relationship. However, beware! There are plenty of unscrupulous types out there who use cuffing season for cuffing season’s sake. As matchmakers we are lovers of long-term relationships. So we are here to ensure that instead of falling for a “seasonal cuffer” you identify and keep a suitable partner who is just as serious about a monogamous relationship as you are.

SO! Fear not! Follow our handy guide below in order to de-mask a seasonal cuffer, before things get too hair-raising…

1. The summer snaps of a seasonal cuffer tell you all you need to know about their cuffing abilities. A cuffer wants a partner to keep them warm through the winter nights; summer’s a different story. Scroll back through their summer snaps. If they’re full of countless nights on the town and wild festivals without a partner in sight, then that’s not a new leaf they’re turning over… it’s a cuff!

2. You met them earlier in the year and they’re only now emerging from the woodwork. Where have they been over the long, warm, summer months? Chances are they have been playing the field and having fun. Nothing wrong with fun, but might not be the best sign of someone looking to commit to you, now. Alarm bells should be ringing. If their ‘long time no speak’ text comes as you’re dusting off your winter coat then you need to grab your coat and run.

3. You seem to spend all of your time Netflix + warming up. If they’re hesitant to roam the Christmas markets with you, and meet your friends for a mulled wine or parade you proudly at restaurants and events then you might just be a winter blanket. If you’re spending more time in your PJs than listening to DJ’s then it might be time to reassess.

4. It’s all moving at 100mph. Slow things down. If someone comes crashing into your life like a hurricane and sweeps you off your feet, then they sometimes leave you just as fast… leaving chaos in their wake. Relationships often burn out if they go full throttle. Don’t forget, the brightest light burns the fastest. Not a sure-fire way to know you have a Cuffer, but a good piece of advice to follow no matter when or who you are dating…

5. You spend more time ‘cuddling’ than conversing. Cuddlers are notorious cuffers; this could just be someone who needs somebody to touch and feel during the cold months.

6. They have a wandering eye. They could be looking for the real deal, and unfortunately the real deal might not be you! Pay attention to the attention they are giving you, as well as the attention they are giving other people. Don’t put too much pressure on at the beginning though – this scares off women as much as it does men. But a few weeks into a new relationship, it is best to keep your eyes wide open.

7. You’re the plus one to their Christmas do’s and NYE plans are in motion, but your plans don’t seem to extend past February. That’s because…

8. Valentine’s day = D-day! Cuffing season officially ends on the 13th February. Winter is over and Valentine’s day is just a little bit too serious! You have been a lovely winter comfort blanket and, having survived winter in your warm embrace, your former partner is set to break off those chains, ready for another summer of fun.

Keep a look out for these tell-tale signs and leave the cuffers to find one another. In the meantime, focus on finding someone who is in if for the long haul. Over family holidays and the new year there is a natural incline in the number of people looking for serious, long term relationships. They are out there… just leave the handcuffs at home.

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