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Day in the life of a matchmaker

A day in the life of a Drawing Down the Moon matchmaker often starts long before I’ve even tasted my morning coffee, and today is no different. The day after a client date is always an exciting one. Although we don’t officially start until 10.00am, I wake around 6.30am and am in the office for around 9.

This morning, as soon as I woke up, I wasted very little time in checking my emails in the hope of finding a message from my new client John with feedback on his first date which took place last night. My eagerness is rewarded; “Date was a great success!” he says, “we are a perfect match, so thank you and well done. Are you free for a call at midday?”

I haven’t checked my diary yet, but I would move heaven and earth to make myself available for this feedback call, and am pleased that I have no prior client engagements. I send a quick reply to John, and get ready to head to the office.

As I walk across Manchester Square I often think that there is nowhere in London better qualified to host Drawing Down the Moon than Marylebone. I climb the stairs of the beautiful townhouse we call home, and before I have even reached my desk am accosted by my fellow matchmakers with feedback on their own client dates from the night before. It would appear, I smile to myself, that I am not the only matchmaker who couldn’t wait until they got to the office to check on their client feedback.

After exchanging happy stories with my fellow matchmakers, the sound of the buzzer announces the arrival of our first client of the day. He is welcomed by Cait, who runs upstairs to fetch refreshments and warmly relates to us just how polite and charming he is, I can’t wait to head down to meet him.

In our meeting we cover his relationship history, his educational background, and delve into the most important parts – his values and outlook on life. I always love finding out how our happy singles found us, 75% do so through recommendation from a friend, relative or work colleague.

We decide as a team whether or not we are able to support a client and take them on. I am certain that he is a catch, and am very pleased that the rest of the team are in agreement with me. Once back in the office it is time to deal with the flurry of feedback calls I missed during the course of my meeting.

Talking, laughing and sharing in their joy, I happily pass two hours speaking with my clients as they regale me with tales of their most recent dates. All the while however, I cannot help but look forward with particular excitement to my call with John.

He certainly doesn’t disappoint me. “Without tempting fate, it couldn’t have gone better,” he enthuses, “the match was 100% spot on, and of every date I have been on in the last 15 years, Gwen is by far the most compatible. I can see why you matched us”

I cannot contain my happiness. Andrea, Gwen’s matchmaker, has abandoned her desk and is at my shoulder, desperate to hear what John has to say. We spend almost half an hour on the phone, and we end the call with the wonderful news that he has already set a date to meet again with Gwen in just a few days’ time.

I relate John’s side of the conversation to Andrea, who reaches immediately for the telephone to call Gwen. You can imagine our shared happiness at hearing John’s sentiments repeated by his match. The rest of my afternoon is spent interviewing other potential clients and matching with the team.

We don’t use algorithms so all of our matching is done with our colleagues. I end the day by calling back my first client of the day to let him know that the team are keen to take him on and I am pleased to extend membership to him. With numerous dates set up for this evening, I take last minute calls from enthusiastic and excited clients who are looking for some last minute dating advice.

As I leave the office, I make sure I leave my phone on, although I have a relaxing night ahead, I am hoping to receive more dating feedback before I drift off to sleep, nervously thinking through tonight’s dates, looking forward to waking up to brand new client feedback.

Very few careers allow you to potentially positively change peoples lives forever, and being a matchmaker at DDM allows me to do just that.

*Client names and some details have been changed to protect strict rules of client confidentiality

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