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Love – when we all need it the most!⁣

Love - when we all need it the most!

At Drawing Down the Moon we often find ourselves listening, watching, and thinking as the COVID-19 pandemic unfurls all around us. We have clients on the front lines, loved ones being directly affected, and an almost overwhelming sense of empathy for those we see suffering on the news.

Whether we’re isolating at home or continuing to travel to deliver vital services, it’s easy to feel like it’s all just too much. After all, our daily lives and routines have been totally upended almost overnight. For many of us, significant life events are on hold—weddings, new jobs, house moves.

But the faster we adapt, the better we’ll be able to cope with the new restrictions, and the loss of that fundamental human need for family and friends. Hopefully it won’t be for long.

People are amazingly resourceful in crises. Many of our clients at Drawing Down the Moon have turned to Zoom for work and play alike, hosting virtual drinks and dinner parties, sharing online cups of tea with Mum and Dad, and generously spreading warmth, love, and humour where they’re needed most. Lots of our clients are even using Zoom for dating—and there are lots of benefits that might surprise you!

Never in our lifetime has loneliness been more prevalent while the singular importance of human connection has been more stark. At Drawing Down the Moon, we too are adjusting to and embracing the technologies that maintain some crucial semblance of contact with our nearest and dearest. And in our own small way, we’re incredibly proud to be continuing to facilitate romantic connections, even in these most worrying of times.

We’re providing our clients with a full matchmaking service — and over the coming weeks, make sure to check out our blogs, packed with helpful tips on how to date effectively while social distancing’s in place. Stay as positive and resilient as you can. This will end — and in the meantime, you can use this isolation to forge a virtual connection with an exciting new partner from afar. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

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