FAQ – Matchmaking Questions

What age ranges do you cover?

Our youngest client so far was 20 and our oldest in their mid 80’s. Age is not the key factor for us in deciding if we think we can help you find your soul mate. Positive outlook and a desire for a long term relationship or marriage are far more important than age.

Is matchmaking membership only for Londoners?

Drawing Down the Moon is a well respected brand throughout the UK and beyond. The majority of our clients are based in London and the South East, however, we do also have clients based throughout the world. Global introductions are offered by arrangement.

You describe yourself as a matchmaking agency for thinking people, but I’m not an academic – will I be compatible with your members?

It is true that we probably have the highest proportion of highly educated members of all the personal dating or matchmaking agencies. However, intelligence is often more important than degree education, and we welcome all Thinking People.

Is Drawing Down the Moon only for the elite, millionaires, UHNWI, etc?

Some of our members are Ultra High Net Worth individuals. But with one of the largest active client lists of any matchmaker in the UK, our clients come from a huge variety of backgrounds, such as small business owners, academics, entrepreneurs, teachers, musicians, actors, politicians and of course aristocracy.

What is your ratio of male/female clients?

Our current ratio is 51% female, 49% male. We measure this ratio quarterly. If the ratio reaches 47% either way, we suspend new membership for that gender until the ratio is increased. With between 800 and 1000 matchmaking clients at any one time, clients do go on hold (either because we have introduced them to their new partner, are taking holidays or travelling for work) this ratio is always moving. Anecdotally we are told that our male to female ratio is the best amongst the matchmaking firms both in London and the UK.

What is the best matchmaking service?

Drawing Down the Moon are! Well, we would say that. If you are genuinely looking for the right partner for you, and dating using other avenues either hasn’t worked, or is just far too time consuming (or you simply can’t date online due to privacy concerns) then matchmaking might be for you.

In your search for a matchmaker, we recommend considering the following: 
Does the matchmaker headhunt as well as rely on their existing client list? 
Does the matchmaking agency have a strong male/female ratio?
Do you get to meet your matchmaker, either online or in person?
Is every client or potential client met with, and are their details including address, and ID taken?
Does the matchmaking company provide feedback, advice and support throughout your membership?
Is the matchmaking firm a small, independent organisation with close personal attention for its clients or owned by a large corporation?
Does the introductions agency have a proven track record of successful introductions over multiple decades?
Has the matchmaking agency been awarded multiple national and international awards for its matchmaking and client care excellence?
Are the matchmakers both highly networked individuals, and date coaches?
Are they kind? 

Do Introduction Agencies Work?

Our CEO Gillian maintains that we have a 100% success rate. Provided all clients who join DDM abide by two conditions.

1 – That you are open to the type of person you could be introduced to. This means we want you to enter into the dating arena without the preconceptions you may have been hanging on to up until this point. The most important thing to remember in dating, even outside of matchmaking, is that Love is Not a List. 

2 – That you give people a chance. This is a slightly complex and nuanced one. It means not judging a book by its cover. It means not making up your mind before you have given people a chance. In Japan the matchmaking agencies insist that all clients must go on two dates. And we love this idea !  First dates are filled with nerves and uncertainty and we don’t always put our best foot forward. No matter where you meet the person, at a BBQ, a dinner party or wine and nibbles following a lecture – you must maintain the following rule: if you are not sure, or it is a yes, you should meet that person again. 

How do I apply?

Applying couldn’t be more simple. click on the link below to fill out our enquiry form and a matchmaker will be in touch with the next steps.