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Transatlantic Dating

Long-distance relationships aren’t always easy. With the convenience of the internet, it has become easier to maintain a relationship with someone in a different area. Unfortunately, when you’re dating someone with a different time zone, it can still be challenging to connect with each other. This is particularly true if you’re both working full time. It can be hard to sync your schedules and you may find yourself faced with doubt. If you’re in a transatlantic relationship, make sure you brush up on the best ways to make it work.

The Most Important Thing is Trust

A long-distance relationship will never work if you and your partner don’t trust each other completely. There should never be a doubt in your mind. If your partner says they are working, you have to believe that it is true. If you get the feeling your partner isn’t being truthful about something, talk to them.

Communication is another important element in long-distance dating. You have to feel comfortable talking to your partner and sharing any possible concerns. If you don’t feel like you can talk about anything, then you’re not in a healthy relationship. If you don’t believe what your partner is telling you, you’re not in a healthy relationship. There is always an adjustment period with these relationships. If you feel off, it may just be because your mind is playing tricks on you. That is why trust is so important in making this kind of relationship last.

Get in the timezone

One of the reasons transatlantic dating seems difficult is because couples don’t make enough time for each other. There is a major obstacle called time zones. This difference can lead to a feeling of disconnect. In order to keep the romance alive and well, you need to make time for each other. This can be as simple as a quick message before bed every night. It can be as great as scheduling a Skype or Facebook Messenger conversation. These tools will help you make the most of the distance. You want to aim for a weekly phone call or video message. During these calls, you should talk only about the relationship and how you’re both feeling. Don’t waste this precious time by telling them about trivial things. Make the time count.

Another way you can benefit from new technology is by setting up Video Chat dates. You can call each other and do something over the video feed. This could be sharing a meal together or watching a movie together. If you’re watching a movie, pick one that neither of you has seen. Set yourselves up and press play at the same time. This way, you’ll feel like you’re sharing a genuine moment. If you want this authenticity with dinner, make the same meal and eat together as though you were face to face. It doesn’t hurt to schedule weekly dates with your partner.

Live your own life to share your experiences

You should never be so preoccupied with your relationship that you aren’t living your own life. If you spend too much time waiting for your partner to reach out, you’re more likely to find your mind wandering. Keep yourself active, either with work or hanging out with friends. You want to be building new experiences to later share with your partner.

Being far apart doesn’t mean you have to feel far apart. By actively seeking out new experiences to share and making time for each other, you are more likely to maintain a successful long-distance relationship. Of course, you won’t want to be in this situation forever. Long-distance relationships are only meant to be short term. Figure out where you’re going in the relationship and find a way to physically be together at some point.

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