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How Matchmaking Helps Celebrities Find Love

High-profile dating: celebrity relationships

It’s easy to take one look at celebrities and assume everything in their lives is so much easier. In some senses that’s true, but they do also face the exact same issues as everyone else—and often on a much bigger scale. Plus they have to learn to deal with their emotions in an almost superhuman way, because the entire world is watching.

The more high-profile you are, the more that people will be interested in getting to know all about you and your life. There’s mystery, and you’ll be seen as more attractive. It certainly makes for an amazing ego boost!—but the novelty does eventually wear off.

The more attention you get, the more addictive it can be, because naturally you feel more important. Some people begin craving others’ approval just to stay happy. This can be a dangerous path; it can lead to temptation. Opportunities to cheat are everywhere if you don’t have the fortitude to resist.

And on the other side of the coin is narcissism. Many couples split because one suddenly earns significantly more money or is rocketed into the spotlight. The other can’t cope and feels displaced. In fact, that’s why many celebrities find it easier to simply date each other rather than ‘ordinary’ people, because they know their partner will better understand their lifestyle and busy schedule.

If a celebrity does become romantically involved with someone who isn’t so well known, they may wonder if their partner sticks with them only because of the fame and fortune they’ve encountered. A high-profile relationship means the media will want to follow your every move, take photos, and write about the most intimate aspects of your life. This makes it hard to properly get to know someone, flirt, and be your authentic self.

All of this is why many celebrities join international dating agencies like Drawing Down the Moon, where they won’t be matched with people who are out only for themselves. Every prospective date is thoroughly vetted, and our clients are exclusively looking for long-term relationships. That way, every celebrity who joins our books can be sure to meet someone who’s also looking to settle down.

According to celebrity dating coach James Preece, “High-profile relationships require a lot of hard work, but they’re by no means impossible. They just involve more planning, understanding, and trust building. The secret of any successful relationship is to make your partner feel like a celebrity!

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