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Does Money Cause Problems in the Search for Love?

Big wallets can mean big problems when dating

Have you been watching Who’d be a Billionaire? on SkyLivingHD? Fascinating, isn’t it?

Make sure you watch the last episode next Tuesday 5th May at 8pm on why it’s so difficult for billionaires to find a happy relationship – you’ll see me there commenting on how they can rise to the challenge by using a matchmaker and dating semi-incognito.

We don’t just match billionaires at Drawing Down the Moon.  We have heaps of ‘normal’ folk too.  Academics, doctors, architects, civil servants, TV directors, small business owners, teachers, accountants, designers. Regular middle-class professionals.

Everyone who seeks our help to find love has a story to tell about why the last relationship failed.  It’s often a case of a wealthy person thinking they’ve found a loving partner only to discover they’ve married a gold digger. You know the rest…

So, if you’re rich or famous and you’re seeking a genuine love match, how do you avoid being trapped like this?

Simply avoid revealing your ‘public face’, your wealth or fame until you’re sure you’re dating someone who appreciates the real you.  With Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking, you can retain your anonymity and be introduced on first name terms only.  We agree on what’s appropriate for you to reveal about yourself on a first date.  However, with thirty years of successful matching experience under our belt we know you’ll want to date people who’ll be able to share your lifestyle, and we pre-select your introductions with this very much in mind. You choose when to share details of your wealth and work status in full.

We’ve had members that are well known for their wealth and social status. Members from both Houses of Parliament. Well-known TV and radio presenters.  CEOs of multi-nationals.  Without the cocoon of anonymity we provide, they’d be easy prey for gold diggers.

Did you know that billionaires often want to date someone who’s not into material things?

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