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Busting the Myths in Dating and Love

Love myths

Love Myths – If it’s not perfect in the beginning, there’s no point.
Here at Drawing Down the Moon we’ve seen it time and time again, a client who’s had one date will come in to say “It all went well BUT……..

  • There was no chemistry
  • Their nose was, em, well, crooked (or a bit big)
  • They seemed a bit nervous
  • They had poor taste in shoes/ties
  • They tried too hard

basically, it’s not going to work out. Who else do you have?” We know if you come in with this kind of attitude you’re going to find if much harder to find a match.
We conducted a survey where we asked 200 people outside the agency, who said they were in a happy, long-term relationships, about what they had thought of their partner when they first met. Was it love at first sight, or was love something that grew on them after a friendship had developed?

What the happy couples had to say

Only 32% of men and 22% of women said they thought their eventual partner was really special when they first met. The most striking statistic was that, on first sight, 24% of women and 9% of the men had reservations about their would-be partner. These reservations covered everything from viewing them as overweight to thinking they talked too much.

Why you shouldn’t let first impressions hinder you

Nevertheless, there was still enough interest for these future couples to pursue a relationship, albeit just as friends initially. In spite of these inauspicious starts, they had all become long-term items. Could it really be the case that all these people were compromising their principles and accepting second best? Were they afraid of there being so few potential mates to choose from that they’d better ‘take what they could get’? Or having decided not to judge on first impressions had they discovered that what irked them so much to begin with was hardly worth bothering about after a while? That when they really got to know someone that they were actually rather wonderful and now they couldn’t imagine life without them?
Draw your own conclusions. If someone fulfils, say 60% of your wishlist, then that’s pretty good going. It’s up to you to decide if you can overlook the negatives and concentrate on the positives. (As the Monty Python Team said so well “Always Look on the Bright side of Life”)

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