Dating in a Covid Vaccinated World

There is a good reason that the men’s bespoke suit company – Suit Supply, known for their risqué adverts, are going even further than they ever have before. Anticipating the burst of freedom that will be a Covid vaccinated world – showing an orgy of bodies, an entanglement of hands, legs, arms, and mouths. We have had 12 months of suppression, isolation, and, “where permitted” distanced, mask wearing dating. Both science, and fear have held singles back, with meeting new people deemed to be risky, in a way it has never done before. And that was only for people with the energy and motivation to date, while our clients at Drawing Down the Moon have remained motivated, many people have not. With the Covid vaccine, the chains are coming off. The hairdressers, beauticians, waxing salons, and luxury clothes shops are set to roar.

12 months of no-bra, stretched out leggings, spending a Zoom-less morning wandering around in your pants, won’t cut it now. And very few people want it to. Change is coming. The swinging 30’s – champagne fuelled, glamorous excess, reckless behaviour and copious quantities of sex are on the horizon. And I am talking about those single people in their 40’s and 50’s. The younger amongst us are eagerly anticipating long nights in heaving nightclubs, and the intensity of close connection once more.

But what might change? The isolation has led most singletons to realise that they do not want to be alone any longer. And while all of the above is a wonderful break away, and distraction from the mundanity of the preceding months, the desire that is now held for a close, long lasting connection is here to stay. The things that may have been important in a partner pre-Covid, that rapidly became far less important during Covid (personality conquering looks on a zoom introduction where flirting shamelessly is far less effective with the distance of a screen, and space), will continue to be less important. However, once the steam has been let off, the equilibrium is going to find us in a far better place. We are going to continue to have more relationships than ever. Covid has changed us – and single people are going to continue to prioritise values over materialism or the search for the perfect human. Compromise, openness, and the realisation that neither height nor looks are a predictor for success in a relationship means that more people than ever are going to find themselves coupled up.

Romance, dating, connecting intensely with another human being – one you can not only lust after, but experience, up close, is here to stay. For many single people, a year of romance and dating has been lost. When the shackles are off, no single person is going to let this opportunity pass them by. My advice to single people out there: get booked into that salon, get those outfits dusted off. The world is ready for you to date like you have never dated before. But remember, how the person makes you feel, is far more important than their status, height, or hair colour.

Love is not a list, and this is the time to prove it.

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