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are you read to start dating after covid ?

It’s not without good reason that men’s bespoke suit company Suit Supply famously risqué adverts have been going even further recently, depicting  an entanglement of lovers rapt in a bacchic frenzy of orgasmic freedom after 12 months of turmoil and uncertainty.

There’s been suppression, isolation, and rules, rules, rules. Singles have been held back, some worried that meeting new people at such a time could be risky. And that was for the people who were still motivated enough to date—such as our clients here at Drawing Down the Moon.

For a huge proportion of singles elsewhere, of course, all incentive to date was gone. Not so now. The shackles are off. The hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, luxury clothes shops, and waxing and tanning salons are set for roaring business like never before.

It’s been 12 months of no bra. Of stretched-out leggings. Of spending a Zoom-less morning wandering around in your pants. But that won’t cut it anymore (and definitely not when you go back to the office)—and what’s more, so many people are simply gagging to dress up in their finest and get back out there.

The novelty of pyjamas till 2pm wears off surprisingly fast. Change. Is. Coming. Expect raucous nights of glamorous champagne-fuelled excess, with a healthy dose of reckless behaviour for good measure. Oh—and copious quantities of sex. Just a ridiculous amount of the stuff. And I’m not just referring to the hijinks of only your usual pre-COVID partygoers, the young folk. No, I’m talking about the people in their 40s, in their 50s.

The younger-minded among us are raring to go on one long night in a heaving nightclub after another. We yearn for the intensity of close connection once more. It’s primal.

But in that halcyon familiarity will hang a new feeling of hopeful surprise too—because the silver lining of isolation is that it’s forced every one of us to face up to our priorities.

During COVID, we experienced more singletons than ever reaching out to us. They simply didn’t want  to be alone any longer. And while the chaos of endless post-COVID parties sounds like bliss after 12 months’ vegetating in the same pair of joggers, that distraction from the mundanity is still just that: a distraction.

From what we truly desire: to be held close, in a long-lasting connection. That feeling’s here to stay, folks. The things that we may have considered important in a partner pre-COVID—things that rapidly became far less important during the pandemic, such as personality conquering looks on a Zoom introduction, when flirting shamelessly is far less effective with the distance of a screen and space)—will continue to be less important.

And once the steam has drifted away and the orgies have subsided to sleep and calm, we’ll be in a better equilibrium with regard to understanding what we truly need—and want—in life. Values over materialism. Love over parties. No more search for unattainable perfection. Compromise, openness, and the realisation that neither height nor looks are a predictor for success in a relationship—these qualities mean more people than ever are going to find themselves coupled up.

So book into that salon. Dust off that dress. The world’s ready for you to date like you’ve never dated before. Have fun—but keep one eye on what really matters in all of this, too. And oh yeah—don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. Love is not a list, and this is the time to prove it.

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