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What is a matchmaker

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Matchmakers are responsible for helping people to change their lives for the better, forever.

The dawn of internet dating has done nothing to hamper the success of the matchmaking industry, and more people than ever are choosing a matchmaker to support them in their search for love, romance, and a life partner

Despite technological advances and never ending changes in society, most people just want the same thing: to love and be loved. 

Dating on your own, can be time-consuming and, if not going well, frustrating.  Even though most of us are searching for love, we often don’t have the tools to equip us to make it happen. 

After all, in just one generation, we have gone from meeting in bars, clubs, and at festivals, to predominantly using technology to find a partner. However, for many people who simply don’t have the time to search alone, or are just far too high profile, matchmaking provides a welcome respite from apps. 

To go from searching alone, to having a team of friendly, award winning matchmakers supporting you in your journey, people who want only the best for you and your search for love. 

So, is matchmaking the missing ingredient in your quest for romance? Let’s take a look at how matchmaking might be the missing ingredient in your love quest.

What is a Matchmaker?

A matchmaker maintains a broad social network to strategically introduce potential partners based on compatibility.

They coach, mentor and motivate their clients to transform their approach to romance and think critically about who their soulmate might be.

They operate with deep investment in the emotional wellbeing of the clients they support..

With matchmaking there is no surface level yes or no, based solely on a one dimension photograph, as is the case with dating apps. This is a process where matchmakers seek to gain an understanding of their clients, their motivations, their values and their perspectives on life.  There’s no surface level yes or no, based on scant information and an often faulty sense of what is important in the selection of a life partner.   It’s a deep analysis of love potential based on an intimate understanding of their clients, as well as intuition cultivated from years of matchmaking.  After all, matchmaking is an art, not a science.

Matchmakers become your friends, your confidants, cheerleaders and date coaches. Matchmakers should be gentle in their guidance, but unafraid to push back. If you have been making mistakes in your dating life to date, it is their job to point out where there might be inconsistencies and guide you away from selecting a partner based on lust alone.

We Have an Unrivaled Matchmaking Network in London

Drawing Down the Moon is London’s premier matchmaking and personal introductions firm. It has also been awarded more Best Matchmaker awards than any other matchmaking firm globally.  And while we incorporate the latest in technology, we are algorithm free and all searching, and identifying of potential introductions is done manually, and is a time consuming task which we hope will reap positive results for our clients. We stay up to date with industry trends and actively seek to grow and develop our expertise.

As the UK’s oldest matchmaking agency, we have the benefit of having tried every single possible iteration in order to assist our clients in finding the person who is right for them.

Different Matchmaking Techniques

There was a time when our clients could select their own date from a huge portfolio of other relationship minded singles. We have shown photographs, and bios, and allowed our clients to decide who they wished to meet. 

However, we have always experimented. When we altered our way of working, and removed the photograph element, do you know what happened? Our success rate went up – dramatically. We were encouraging more clients to get into happy, successful, long-term relationships than ever before.

As matchmakers we do of course incorporate modern technology into the way we operate,, but far more importantly, we offer something apps can’t, the personal touch, not to mention top-notch customer service. 

Matchmaking agencies that are run as independent boutiques have unique strengths that solo matchmakers or new matchmaking businesses are unable to offer – unrivaled networks with contact lists dating back decades, with multiple dating and relationship experts on one team, and connections throughout the global matchmaking world. 

As a London matchmaker,  Drawing Down the Moon also works with affiliate matchmakers across the globe.. The best matchmaking agencies maintain strong connections with matchmakers internationally, in order to increase their chances of ensuring strong personal introductions for their clients.

Why Choose Matchmaking?

In many ways, meeting people has never been easier. You don’t have to leave the house in order to scroll through your phone in search of someone who you may wish to date. 

Although we are hugely positive about all ways of finding true love, unfortunately people who are dating online may not always have long term relationship goals in mind. It takes 35 hours on average to get one date online, and it can be hard to tell in advance if that person is truly looking for the same things we are. A photograph and short bio is often not enough information to go on, when so many of us are used to relying on and depending upon all of our multitude of senses in the search for our partner. 

Dating app burnout is real, and can damage the self-esteem, optimism and the open mindedness it takes to find romantic connections. If you are dating online, you have to remember it is a long game, and we encourage those who are dating online to think of it as being a full-time job. Give it the same time, energy and commitment. And ensure you always dress to impress !

Matchmaking and the now omnipresent dating apps have the same core appeal – the quest to find someone to love, and to love you back.

Matchmaking is the mature and supported way to date. It is far less time consuming, and you are supported every step of the way. Matchmakers can’t remove the uncertainty you might feel before a date, or use magical powers to ensure things don’t go wrong. People are still people, and though we wish we could make your ideal person in a room in our offices, the reality is that we are dealing with real people.

The people we are introducing you to, do have a number of things in common. They too are seeking love. They will have tried alternative ways to date, and they are likely to have had successful relationships in the past. They are likely to be people that you otherwise would not have met, or even better, should have met, but for some reason it just never happened. Not until we were hired!

The reason you are single is probably out of your hands – you might be one of the countless busy professionals who is hard at work and with family commitments and  everything in between. Too much going on to actively seek out a date.

Matchmaking solves both the online dating issue and the busy schedule predicament. Personal matchmaking might not be able to protect you from the emotions involved in building a new relationship, but we can open up your schedule and provided tailored, curated introductions to people we think you should meet.  

Getting Started with a Matchmaker

You might be one strategic personal introduction away from finding the partner you’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready to take the leap?

A reputable matchmaker will only take you on if they believe they have a strong chance of  introducing you to the person for you. At Drawing Down the Moon, matchmaking begins after an in-person interview. If you are genuinely ready for authentic romance, and the team believes we have the types of people you would like to meet, and who would like to meet you, we will offer membership. 

Once your matchmaking membership is underway, your Drawing Down the Moon matchmakers will begin the search. Spending hundreds of hours reviewing past applicants, current applicants and plowing through our list of contacts, to identify the most suitable single people out there. 

Not every introduction is going to be the perfect person for you, after all, if that were the case, we would only offer one introduction to each member. With each introduction, we learn and you learn more about what it is you are looking for in a partner. Not in terms of height, or job, or even faith, but in terms of values and outlook on life. 

Most importantly, when working with a matchmaker, is to remember that the instant chemistry, that feeling of someone being “the one” is usually nothing more than short-lived lust. We are here to encourage you to develop the slow burn..

Drawing Down the Moon matchmakers become your trusted friend. Our work is personal, and as we learn more about your dreams,  lifestyle and unique view on life, we form a deeper understanding of what the right partner for you might be like – and work relentlessly to discover them. For every matchmaker at DDM, our one and only goal is to introduce you to the love of your life. 

Of course, as professional matchmakers we adhere to and work within current best practices of matching, personal introductions and the dating agency industry at all times. For the team at DDM, privacy and discretion are our top priority.

Drawing Down the Moon specializes in locating high quality introductions for high caliber, thinking people. We collect interesting, sophisticated individuals who like to dream big and think critically. School of life is just as important as any other type. Sound like you? Apply now to join our pool of remarkable individuals. 

Matchmaking Success

The goal of matchmaking is to introduce you to the love of your life, to help you never have to date again. And while we can’t guarantee this will happen, we do all we can to encourage you to make this happen.

And what makes it more likely you will find love? 

Two things:

  1. Being open to the type of person we introduce you to. Open on height, looks, weight, reading interests, hobbies, religion, and hair colour!
  2. Giving people a chance. In the world of swipe right/swipe left, give people a chance to shine. Something that is very unlikely to be discovered on a first date. 

At DDM, we have successfully paired tens of thousands of people, who are now in long term relationships, live together and are married. Not to mention the thousands of children who have been born along the way. 

At Drawing Down the Moon, our reputation speaks for itself: Over 75% of former singles who join our matchmaking agency do so  because their friends and family have received successful DDM introductions of their own. Since 1984, we have weathered every dating trend and met every romantic challenge with confidence. 

From the rise of dating apps to the pandemic, our relentless belief in the power of personal matchmaking, and its ability to change people’s lives for the better, forever, remains the same.

Are you ready to find love with your very own London based personal matchmaker? Are you ready to meet your soulmate? 

As the UK’s Premier matchmaking company, we have been  successfully introducing tens of thousands of interesting people since 1984. 

Contact us now, perhaps we can change your dating life for the better, forever?