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Dating agency for thinking people

Dating agency for thinking people has become a bit of a motto of Drawing Down the Moon.

We’re firm believers that a dating agency is at its best when it is serving a niche. That is because operating within a niche immediately increases the likelihood of people finding their soulmate, especially if the agency’s membership comprises individuals with similar backgrounds, values or expectations as a result.

So, what is DDM’s niche?

We sometimes call ourselves a dating agency for professional people. While that is an accurate description to an extent, and many of our members do hail from the professional and corporate worlds, it doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

A dating agency for professionals might indicate to some people that our members are exclusively doctors, lawyers, architects and academics. Again, many of our members do fall into those categories, but we are also a dating agency for intelligent graduates of the school of life.

That’s where the phrase ‘dating agency for thinking people’ comes in. It reflects the fact that many of our members are highly trained professionals, while others have perhaps built-up a wealth of intellect through self-education, hands-on experience or pursuing a route that did not take them into the corporate world.

The most common instances of this are the many members we have who are musicians, actors or small business owners, some of whom may have gone to university but many of whom did not. Either way, they operate outside traditional professionals, yet have a lot in common with people who have trained in a profession.

What binds all these people together?

Ultimately, we find that DDM members share similar levels of intelligence, similar levels of ambition and often a similar outlook on the world – they have just arrived there in different ways. And so we settled on ‘thinking people’, which seems to be the best catch-all term to reflect our membership.

It is not just so that we can have a useful phrase to sum up our members that we refer to ourselves as a dating agency for thinking people. It is important that people who are considering joining us understand the make-up of our membership to help them to decide whether or not we are the right dating agency for them.

As we touched upon earlier in this article, for the best results, it is important that you join an agency that serves a niche that is suited to you. The ‘thinking people’ tag gives a clear indication of the sort of matches you will get through DDM and can help you to decide whether those people are likely to include your soulmate.

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Hopefully, that has helped to clarify what we, and other people, mean when Drawing Down the Moon is referred to as the dating agency for thinking people.

If you still have questions about the demographics of our membership, these FAQs might be of interest. Of course, feel free to get in touch if your question is not answered by that information.

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