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Sapiosexuals - Dating intelligently

According to Urban Dictionary – Sapiosexual means ‘One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.’ (Yes I had to look it up!).

Thinking people first

People being physically ‘turned on’ by someone who displays wit and intelligence isn’t really news to us here at DDM. We are, after all, known as – The Dating Agency for Thinking People and our clients have always been clear that their date’s ability to partake in thoughtful discussion was key to further successful dating.

Sure, visual attractiveness is a plus, but it’s not what makes them weak at the knees. Years of feedback has shown that subtle flirtation and conversation, the drawing out and anticipation of what’s to come is so much more challenging and attractive than a hand running up your thigh on a first date, that leaves you in absolutely no doubt as to what’s being offered. A meeting of minds is what is required.

Eloquent conversation

Is intelligent eloquent conversation more appealing than a, so called, ‘perfect’ body? Packaging is, after all, just that, it’s what’s inside a person that really counts. Their kindness, values and their views on the world are what makes (and keeps) them interesting.

Our clients are attracted to passion and intelligence; to a partner who believes deeply in something and is well-versed enough to battle tooth and nail. It showcases strength and substance. And let’s not forget a steamy debate can be more sexually charged than the most sensual of massages.

Wolfieboy (Darren Stalder the self-claimed creator of the word apiosexual) said:-

“Me? I don’t care too much about the plumbing. I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay.

I want someone who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil sense of humor. I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with. I decided all that means that I am sapiosexual.”

An eclectic mix

Here at Drawing Down the Moon we cater for a wide ranging selection of individuals. While it’s true that many of our members do hail from the professional and corporate worlds of doctors, lawyers, architects and academics, we are also a dating agency for intelligent graduates of the school of life.

The most common instances of this are the many members we have who are musicians, actors or small business owners, some of whom may have gone to university but many of whom did not. Either way, they operate outside traditional professions, yet have a lot in common with people who have trained in a profession.

Ultimately, our goal is to match members who share similar levels of intelligence, similar levels of ambition and often a similar outlook on the world.

So if you consider the recitation of a long and complicated piece of literature foreplay, get in touch, and Drawing Down the Moon will find your perfect match.

For more information on sapiosexuality check out this post from Psychology Today.

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