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Matchmaker Approved Tips on Finding Love in LA

Find love in LA - singles tips

Los Angeles is an awesome place, but a lot of its inhabitants are career-driven and time-poor, making it harder to meet someone seeking romance. But if you know where to look, there are singles out there ready and waiting.

LA is absolutely packed with bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. It can be hard knowing where to start on your search for love, but begin by asking one simple question: is the venue trendy? If so—avoid it.

These places tend to attract a lot of fake people, whose lives revolve around social media validation and who seek adoration from strangers. That’s not what you’re looking for. You want people who are genuine, who will be interested in you as a person—not in what they can get out of you. So make a list of some of the quieter places—that’s your first step to meeting someone real.

There’s always the possibility that your schedule will get in the way of you finding someone new. Maybe you have an active social life, or work eats up all your time. Somehow you’ve just got to carve out time to explore new places—and when you’re there, you also need to make it clear you’re available.

It’s all very well reading a book to pass the time in a cafe, but remember that by the same token no one’s going to approach you for fear of disturbing you. So if you really want a connection, well—you just have to seek it out.

You also don’t necessarily have to wait for someone to approach you, either. If a beautiful LA stranger walks by, don’t be afraid to strike up conversation. It might feel forward, but it’s the best way of meeting new people without having to go online!

Consider trying a new hobby or taking a class, too. That’s a great way to meet like-minded people—and even if you don’t find anyone to potentially date, at least you’ll walk away with some newfound knowledge or having acquired a skill!

No matter where you live, meeting someone is a game of chance—but you can boost your odds by meeting more and more people. It really is that simple!

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