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Matchmaker tips on how to make yourself easier to match

If you’re considering using the services of an introduction agency, you might feel that the onus is on the professional matchmaker to find potential partners.

That’s partly true – and you can certainly expect your matchmaker to do the legwork – but there are also things that you can do to ensure that the matchmaking process runs a lot more smoothly. Here are a few examples…

Decide if a matchmaking agency is right for you

The first step is to decide if a dating agency is the best option for you before joining. Generally, we would recommend it as a great option for women aged between 22 and 55 and men aged 27 to 60.

Any younger or older than those guidelines and you will often find an agency will struggle to provide a suitable volume of potential partners.

Find more ways of deciding if joining an introduction agency is a good idea.

Use word-of-mouth recommendations

Don’t let a dating agency get away with less stringent checks than you would use before hiring a builder or going to a restaurant.

Ask your friends and shop around. Choosing a matchmaker need not be a shot in the dark – you’ll find plenty of people to consult before you make a final decision as long as you are prepared to ask.

Make sure your agency has been in business for at least two years, ask them for prices in advance and be wary of those with high-pressure selling techniques.

Think about geography

There’s no point joining a dating agency with lots of members if none of them live anywhere near you.

Check out the geography of a matchmaker’s membership before signing up. If you are interested in meeting members from London, join a London matchmaking agency.

Be aware of men:women ratios

Alarm bells ought to ring if an agency tells you they have a 50/50 split of men and women.

Nearly all agencies have more younger men and more older women among their members, because younger women and older men tend to pair off. As well as testing the trustworthiness of your agency, this information should also manage your expectations as to how easy you will be to match.

Avoid long-term demands

You may know that you want marriage, kids, to move abroad or to live by subsistence farming, but there is no need to place those demands on somebody you haven’t met.

Insisting that an agency only matches you with people who have set the same long-term goals as you will limit your options significantly. Some people might be reticent to meet if they feel those goals are more important to you than the quality of the relationship itself, or if they feel that you’re overbearing by essentially demanding a level of commitment before the first date.

Others might only decide that they want those things after building a relationship with somebody and could be unwilling to promise them in advance.

Quit smoking

Any matchmaker worth their salt will tell you that even smokers don’t want to be matched with smokers. We explained quitting smoking will help you find love in this blog post.

Stubbing out the cigarette is a surefire way to ensure you get more matches at any dating agency.

Meet as many people as possible

Don’t be overly choosy when reading profiles or looking at pictures. Even if you’re not seeing Mr or Ms Right on the sheet of paper presented to you by your matchmaker, where’s the harm in a cup of coffee or a quiet drink?

The more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet your next partner.

Continue to look elsewhere

Don’t sit back and wait for your matchmaker to deliver your perfect partner.

At Drawing Down the Moon, we’re firm believers that pursuing more than one dating option is the quickest way to success.

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