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Why quitting smoking will help you find your soulmate

Smoking doesn't find you love

If you’re a smoker, you’re probably more than familiar with the government warnings that now come plastered across any packet of fags.

Smoking kills. Smoking seriously harms you and others around you. Smokers die younger. Smoking clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes. Smoking causes fatal lung cancer.

But in our experience, there should be another warning: ‘Smoking harms your love life.’

This isn’t another cautionary tale of lung cancer – we have no doubt you’ve heard plenty of those – but the result of observing and matching smokers and non-smokers for 30 years.

If you can’t give up for the benefit of your health, maybe you’ll find it easier to quit if it helps you to find a lasting relationship.

Nobody wants to date a smoker (not even a smoker)

That’s what we’ve found. It might sound counter-intuitive, maybe even hypocritical, but most smokers who become members of Drawing Down the Moon tell us they would rather be matched with non-smokers.

Members who tell us that they do smoke are infinitely harder to match.


The reasons are quite straightforward when you think about it. Most smokers intend to quit, even if those plans are far into the future.

Asked to think about their future partner, they envisage being caught up in some sort of nicotine co-dependent relationship in which neither party can kick the habit because they have no need to do so.

Perhaps the health reasons play a small role, too. Even people who are happy to puff away themselves start to imagine someone coughing and spluttering away when they are asked to think about dating another smoker.

Claire’s story

In her book, Smart Dating: How to Find Your Man, Drawing Down the Moon MD, Mary Balfour, details Claire’s search for her soulmate.

She was busy with work, a single parent and struggling to find time for her private life. And she was a smoker.

Mary reveals: “She was 33-years old and the business-development manager for an up-and-coming software company. A warm, slightly husky voice alerted me to the possibility that she might be a smoker – this could make her more difficult to match.”

When Mary mentioned smoking, Claire produced a pack of cigarettes from her bag, threw them in the bin and declared: “That’s it. I’ve had my last fag.”

She stayed true to her word and gave up smoking – and 17 dates later she found her man.

We can’t promise that quitting smoking will definitely result in you finding your future partner, but it will help.

Aside from anything else, it comes down to maths. Opening up the numbers of people who are prepared to date you without ruling you out beforehand on the basis of your habit will increase your chances of meeting someone.

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