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Paris – Dating in the City of Love

5 date ideas in Paris

Paris is known as the City of Love. And the City of Light. (Jeez, save some monikers for the rest of us, guys.) With its historic architecture, instantly recognisable monuments, and streets alive with music and culture, it’s one of most romantic cities in the world. In fact, there’s so much going on that if you’re planning a date in Paris the choice can be overwhelming! Never fear—we’ve got you covered. With our 5 great date ideas for Paris, prepare to plan the most successful date of your life!

1. Guided tour

Montmartre is a breathtaking part of Paris, simply a must-go destination for you and the one you love. The area is packed with photo opportunities. And if you prefer having an itinerary, on a guided tour you’ll learn all about this most romantic of cities. Be sure to check out Musée de la Vie Romantique, a museum with a beautiful garden.

2. Picnics

There are countless places in Paris tailor-made for a romantic picnic. Pack up your pastries and wine and head to the Seine, or sit ensconced in one another’s company in the Champ de Mars, the huge grassy park in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

3. Paris passages

The passages snaking through the city are like streets, but enclosed. You’ll encounter hidden eateries, merchants purveying wondrous goods, and other couples enjoying the mystique! One of the finest passages is Galerie Vivienne.

4. The views

You could try ‘seeing’ the city as you may never have seen it before. Rather than wandering around it and picking a spot, consider getting up high for a dazzling vista of light. The department store Printemps actually has an amazing cafe overlooking Paris, and Le Perchoir Marais is a bar famous for its stunning views.

5. Restaurants

The restaurants in the French capital range greatly in cuisine, atmosphere, and of course price. There are popular, world-famous eateries, and hidden gems among them, too. One of the most exquisite is Restaurant Pétrelle.

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