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Dating in London vs Amsterdam

If you’re transitioning from the Big Smoke to the Venice of the North or vice versa, you’d be forgiven for assuming the cultures will be somewhat similar. After all, they’re both cosmopolitan European capitals, right?

It might come as a shock just how contrasting these two cities are. Amsterdam is renowned for its laidback atmosphere, while London is busy and bustling. This leads to a fundamental difference in lifestyle—and that applies to the dating scene, too. So before you go out and mingle, let’s take a moment to explore dating in London vs Amsterdam.


Probably the biggest difference is how people communicate with each other. When dating in London, many singles like getting straight to the point. If there’s potential for a relationship, you’ll know about it—because it’s likely to be brought up pretty fast!

Dating in Amsterdam is the opposite. People tend to treat it in a more relaxed way, seeing it as less of a commitment than their British counterparts. Many of their relationships are undefined—and that can be confusing if you’re not a local. This may be a good chance to consider your own dating strategy, and evaluate what you’re really looking for.


Here the roles are reversed! While London singles are often quite reserved, no topics are off limits in Amsterdam. You may find yourself being asked lots of in-depth questions so your date can assess compatibility. The more they can find out about you early on, the better they can decide if you might be a suitable match.


When two people get together in Amsterdam, they may well end up buying a property together before they get married. They might even start a family. That’s the opposite of London, where marriage usually comes before house buying or children.

Dating opportunities

London has a huge number of tourists. This means you can find good conversation anywhere, without the expectation of commitment. What’s more, the city’s so big you hardly have to worry about running into an ex or dating their friend! Amsterdam is a tourist attraction too, of course, but many tourists fall in love and never leave. Amsterdam is also smaller, so there are fewer singles. For this reason, you might see the same people around. That being said, this means the city has a friendlier atmosphere, with greater community spirit.

Go with the flow, wherever you are

The differences in dating cultures between cities is just one of the many reasons travel is so exciting. The more open-minded and adaptable you are, the more fun you’ll have along the way.

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