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Basically a date, particularly an early one, is just an opportunity to see if you are compatible personalities. Your aim is to appear genuine, down-to-earth and fun, and ideally, by the end of it, you’ll both feel like you’ve known each other for ages. So how do you achieve this?

Well the first step is ‘location, location, location’ – forget the noisy bar at the weekend, you want somewhere you can have a conversation. Now there’s nothing wrong with dinner at a nice restaurant, romantic lighting and music, great food and wine are all crowd pleasers but it can be a little intimidating just sitting across from someone all evening and conversation can feel forced.

So we’ve come up with a few #dateideas that are just little out of the ordinary. Things that keep you moving, keep those energy levels up and give you and your partner a truly memorable date.

  1. Amusement Park – Increase your dopamine levels, with a roller coaster ride rush. Win a cuddly toy for your date. Enjoy the smells, sights and sounds as you stroll around together, and above all don’t underestimate the seductive pleasures of all that funfair finger food.
  2. Mini Golf – A sure fire route to plenty of giggles as balls go haywire and you get to chuckle at other people too. Lots of scope for self-deprecation as well as showing off your talent with a club. If you and your partner are a little competitive why not place a few bets of different holes. ‘If you win this one I’ll tell you my most embarrassing memory…..’
  3. Arcade – Head back to your younger days with a trip to an old fashioned video arcade. They’re not always easy to find but are well worth the effort. Release your inner child’s carefree attitude and battle it out over some air-hockey, car racing or street fighting.
  4. Go Shopping – We’re not suggesting you take your date to Bond Street and splurge on luxury items, you’re aiming for originality. Head to stores your wouldn’t normally visit, try on silly clothes, grab a coffee, people watch, browse in a music store or book shop. You’ll be on the move, have lots to talk about and find out loads about your date.

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