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Wining and Dining For Dating Success

Food and wine and dating

In the Drawing Down the Moon member’s profile we ask people to elaborate on the kind of food they like and whether they can cook.  We also ask about whether they enjoy wine.  These are two questions that people ignore at their peril! Listening to members in the interview room our matchmakers notice that they unconsciously translate what their potential dates say about food into the language of sexuality, culture, class and even politics (of the kitchen). The pleasure (or lack of it) that someone experiences in cooking, eating and drinking wine says much about his or her sensuality.

The whole process of eating and sharing food and drink stimulates our body language and plays an essential role in creating a lasting relationship. Preparing, eating and even playing with food, glass of wine in hand, can be a powerful aphrodisiac and foreplay to love-making.

Wine appreciation enhances a budding relationship and can even provide opportunities to meet single people who share your interest.  I’ve been to many wine tasting events and have talked with heaps of fascinating singles who want to learn more about wine to better complement their cooking prowess for entertaining friends or dates.

Starting to think about that next date?  Should it be sensuously phallic asparagus, or oh-so-sexy oysters sliding down your throat? Perhaps avocado, mozzarella and tomatoes is more your style (the tomato was once known as the ‘pomme d’amour’).  However beware of eating large quantities of fatty and high carbohydrate foods – even Casanova couldn’t perform with indigestion!

The all time most popular man in Drawing Down the Moon had a profile picture of himself stirring a cassoulet he’d prepared with a glass of wine in his hand.  At least 200 women wanted to meet him!

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