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How to Meet Your Forever After

how easy is it to find your prince or princess

As the buzz of the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle is being fluttered throughout the country, we at DDM have been thinking about how they first met. There has been much speculation over who it was that made the introduction. Word on the street is that it friend Violet von Westenholz was the matchmaker behind the successful match. The name doesn’t matter so much as the fact that a good friend took the time to make the introduction that would change two people’s lives forever.

For those of us who haven’t been blessed with a fairy godmother to introduce them to the prince of their dreams, here is the Drawing Down the Moon guide to meeting your very own Prince or Princess:

1. Philanthropic work

Most Royals – both domestic and international – are patrons or founding members of their own charities. They understand the value not only of giving back but also enjoy focusing their energies on creating a better world for future generations to live in. In the UK The Queen is known for her charitable work and is patron of over 600 charities but the Duke of Edinburgh beats her with over 700! Prince Charles founded The Princes’ Trust which works hard to help young people into jobs and education.

2. Succeed in your work

Members of Royal families often excel in their careers. Queen Maxima of The Netherlands was a banker in New York at an investment firm and Princess Charlene of Monaco was a competitive swimmer and competed in the Olympics. Princesses can come from all kinds of backgrounds, Grace Kelly most famously was a stunning and world famous actress before gaining her title in Monaco.

3. A Prince may be hiding in plain sight

Members of Royal families no longer spend most of their time locked away in a gloomy remote castle. More than ever senior members of Royal households can be found at a huge variety of events and good causes. From polo, to clay pigeon shooting, the Olympics and everything in between. As is well known, Prince William met the future Duchess of Cambridge while they were both at St Andrews and we all know how well that turned out.

4. Be open and flexible

No matter who you are dating it is always important to have an open heart and open mind. You cannot enter into arelationship with expectations of how you expect the other person to act, behave or “be”! It just isn’t feasible. First dates can be notoriously discomforting, and even if you take them in your stride, the other person might not. First dates are nerve racking. It takes a while for people to feel entirely comfortable around people they have just met. Be positive!

5. The essence of dignity and grace

As we all know princes and princesses are poised and usually have bags of style. Even the young royals are not immune. Prince George’s outfits are often sold out within hours of them being spotted in the press. For many, many decades, beautiful brides have styled their wedding dresses on the royal wedding of their time. Meghan Markle’s dress is just the latest such example of style, sophistication, and a touch of Hollywood glamour.

The Golden Rule to meeting your prince or princess!

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