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Great Date ideas in Sydney Australia

Best date nights in Sydney

Sydney is known as one of the very best places in the world for dating.  Warm weather, friendly people and beautiful scenery combine to give you the very best opportunities.  There are so many great dating ideas so we wanted to help you by suggesting some of the loveliest. This list aims to help you narrow down your search with some of the best dating spots in Sydney.

1. Westpac Open-Air Cinema

Westpac Open-Air Cinema

This spectacular open-air cinema is on every tourist’s itinerary. Its layout is similar to that of a theatre—except, as the name suggests, there are no walls blocking the stunning views of the Sydney skyline. Westpac OpenAir is a unique experience—even for locals!

2. The Rocks Food Friday Market

The Rocks Food Friday Market

This date spot is open only on Fridays—and that just makes it all the more novel. At The Rock Markets you can enjoy an inexpensive date with awesome views of the harbour. Stroll the sun-kissed streets, explore the crowded marketplaces, and immerse yourself in amazing dining experiences and endless food stalls. And if you want a little quiet time together, grab a bench just outside the market. You’ll be near enough to absorb the atmosphere, but secluded enough to really get to know each other in private.

3. Catmosphere Cat Cafe

Catmosphere Cat Cafe

Dubbed ‘Sydney’s original cat cafe’ (there’s more than one?!), Catmosphere is a must-see if you and your date are cat people. Bond over a new furry friend, and see your date in a whole new light.

4. Comedy Lounge

Comedy Lounge

No date is complete without some laughter—and enjoying the fine comic talent on offer at the Cafe Lounge lets you get a grasp of your date’s sense of humour, too!

5. The Standard Bowl

The Standard Bowl

This place has got everything. A bowling alley (without kids). Pool tables. Pinball—no kids still, but you can certainly feel like a kid for a time! On top of the variety of old-school activities, you and your date can just grab a drink and sit at the bar. It’s basically an adult-only fun zone—and bound to make for a memorable date night!

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