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So you’re getting plenty of dates hopefully through this London dating agency and are feeling, and looking, good but something’s not right. Second dates aren’t happening as often as you’d like and you’re starting to wonder ‘Is it me?’

Well… might be! Perhaps you’re giving off the wrong vibe, you talked too much, not enough, you appeared too intense or too opinionated. Perhaps your speaking voice is too quiet or too loud. There is an endless list of reasons why, as lovely as we know you really are, you’re pushing people away instead of warmly inviting them to get to know you better.

Who’s going to point out these off-putting characteristics to you? Your friends and family know and love you as you are and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Also, they’re not there with you on the date (at least we sincerely hope not) so they maybe don’t see how nerves and the excitement of the situation affect you.

Finding Help

There is an abundance of courses, groups and workshops that enable anyone to get a much clearer vision of themselves – and to take conscious and constructive action as a result. Many of these provide the opportunity to recognise our off-putting bad habits and show how these can be eliminated.

Such courses can be found everywhere, and some of the best are run by local authorities as part of their adult and further-education schemes. However, do also look at what’s on offer through your company, professional association or union.

Don’t be put off if the courses seem to be work related. This self-observation and self-analysis is valuable in all aspects of life and the techniques deployed in everyday work situations can be easily utilised on a date.

Drawing Down the Moon Date Coaching

Our dating advice and mentoring service can give you a great kick-start if you’ve been away from the dating game for a while or if you just maybe feel your skills are a little rusty. We offer help on presentation, personal confidence, communication and in many other areas. We believe this service is of huge benefit to some of our clients and have seen some very happy couples as a result.

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Face-to-face, via phone call or video link, Drawing Down the Moon will endeavour to support you in a manner that best suits you.

Do keep an eye on our social media outlets to keep up to date with any podcasts and shows that Gillian (our CEO, matchmaker and elite date coaching expert) may have coming up.

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