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10 Brilliant Matchmaker Approved Venues to Find Love

Start looking for the love of your life

While we’re firm believers in the benefits of becoming a member of a dating agency, we also subscribe to a philosophy we call Domino Dating. The premise behind that is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket; you’re far more likely to meet someone by maximising the opportunities to do so.

With that in mind, here are 10 places to start looking for the love of your life.

1. Concerts

Music venues act as a good filter on your search for love in comparison to a bar, for example. At a concert you can assume that you share at least a similar taste in music with everyone else in the room, which should act as a nice icebreaker when the opportunity arises.

2. Walking a dog

Haven’t got a dog of your own? Just borrow one or offer to walk someone else’s pooch. A particularly cute or entertaining dog will attract attention from passers-by and start conversations. And it gives you a pass to approach other dog walkers.

3. Work conventions

Workplace romances are rarely a good idea, but conventions, seminars and exhibitions allow your work to lead you to potential partners from outside your organisation. This comes with the added bonus of shared knowledge and interests, plus an understanding of each other’s work commitments and patterns.

4. Adult education classes

Pick something you’ve always fancied doing, sign up for a course and chat away to like-minded individuals. Many education centres offer a taster session, so you can go along and gauge whether or not your classmates are of an appropriate age and gender to make the class a happy hunting ground for you!

5. Shopping

Whether it’s a tie for your brother, gals, or some cosmetics for your sister, guys, why not call upon a shopper of the same sex as your fictional sibling to help you pick out a present that you don’t really need? Ask for their opinion, thank them for their advice and, if it’s going well, keep the conversation flowing.

6. In the street

You need directions or perhaps recommendations for a good cafe nearby, so you approach someone you fancy and ask for their help. If things go well, perhaps they will show you that cafe and stop for a coffee. Just stick to busy areas if you’re trying this – better safe than sorry.

7. Door-to-door

Yes, going door-to-door looking for your next partner might be perceived as a bit desperate ‘on the doorstep’, as the politicians say, but that’s not what you’re doing. No, you’re getting signatures for your petition against that nightclub opening down the street or canvassing opinion about setting up a local residents’ association.

8. Art galleries

Relaxed, safe, quiet enough to hold a conversation – art galleries and museums are great places to meet people. If you can get along to private views or exhibition opening parties where a glass of wine is on hand, people will be even more chatty.

9. Supermarkets

It might not sound very romantic, but a supermarket can be a great place to meet people. Carefully engineered trolley mix-ups or politely excusing yourself because the person you fancy just happens to be directly in front of the product you want to pick up work well.

10. Drawing Down the Moon

We told you we thought introduction agencies had a part to play. There is a lot to be said for having a team of professional matchmakers who know what you’re looking for seeking out potential partners on your behalf. If you’re already doing 1-9 or they sound far too time consuming, please get in touch.

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