Is a dating agency right for you?

If you find yourself wondering if a dating agency is the best option for you to find love, don’t worry: it’s perfectly natural to feel that way.

Finding a partner through an introduction agency doesn’t work for everyone. And even if you do decide that an agency could work for you, not all agencies are created equal. You still have to find the best dating agency for you.

Should I use a dating agency?

Here are some scenarios in which the answer to that question might be ‘yes’.

  • You’re not getting as many dates as you would like at the moment.
  • You struggle to find the time to socialise frequently enough to meet new people.
  • The people you meet don’t seem to be compatible with you or don’t fit with what you’re looking for in a partner.

What sort of people are suited to finding love through a dating agency?

It helps if you’re open-minded and willing to give things a chance. It’s very rare that a dating agency, an online dating site or even real life presents you with the partner that you’ve built up in your fantasies.

It’s not a case of settling for less, but a combination of two factors. Firstly, most of us don’t really know what we’re looking for until we’ve found it. Secondly, those fantasy partners we dream up don’t really exist and nobody in the real world can match up to them.

A dating agency could be right for you if you’re able to suspend those fantasies and give people a chance. This will work particularly well if you’re prepared to take advice from others as to the sort of people with whom you might be compatible.

How do I know if I should use a dating agency?

As part of our membership process, we invite prospective members to call in for a chat. If at the end of that conversation we don’t feel we can help, we will say so.

We’re not averse to pointing you elsewhere because we are not so blinkered as to think that dating agencies are for everyone. Indeed, we also run online dating site Grown Up Dating because we know that internet dating is more suitable for some people.

Choosing dating agencies

As we mentioned, not all dating agencies are created equal, so it’s about finding an agency that meets your requirements and counts the sort of person you want to meet among its members.

Drawing Down the Moon is often referred to as the ‘dating agency for thinking people’. That means we tend to attract well-educated people, but also those who are intelligent beyond traditional academic measures. That means small business owners, consultants, teachers, musicians and civil servants, for instance.

We’re very up front about our clientele. If we’re not the right agency for you, then it doesn’t benefit anybody for you to become a member.

So, even if DDM isn’t appropriate for your circumstances, try to find an agency that is equally open about the sort of people on its books and is in-keeping with what you’re looking for.

Be very wary of ‘jack of all trades’ dating agencies. It’s very difficult to be all things to all people in the world of matchmaking.

See if DDM membership is right for you.

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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