Best Valentine’s Day Tips for Singles from the UK’s Top Matchmakers

For those of us in a relationship (or hoping to be in a relationship!) Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. It’s a celebration of being together. However, if you are currently single, you might be unsure how to spend your evening! You’ll look at your coupled up friends who are all happy with each other and wonder if you are missing out.

The good news is that as you are single, this is a great opportunity to both have some “me time” and also meet other singles in a similar situation –  opportunity is everywhere!  We have rounded up some tips from the hugely capable (and multi award winning!) matchmaking team here at Drawing Down the Moon:

You Don’t Need to Flash the Cash

Valentine’s Day can be expensive so it can be huge pressure if you have just started to date someone, which is why being single on Valentine’s Day is so great!  Restaurants inflate their prices with special menus and there’s a lot of pressure to impress. Instead, cook a meal together or order a takeaway. That way it can be as romantic as you want, depending on whether it’s for one or two.


Remember your Friends

Round up your single friends and spend some time with them. They are your support circle whether you are in a relationship or not, so it’s a perfect opportunity to plan something fun. Maybe go out dancing or book a weekend away. When you meet someone you might not have the chance for a while so enjoy the company of the people you care about now.


Put Yourself First

Rather than dreading Valentine’s Day, see it as a day to treat yourself instead. You have the chance to spend some quality time with yourself! Book a beauty treatment or go and see a film you’ve been wanting to see for a while. You are the most important person in your life and deserve to be pampered.


Try something a bit different

 If you keep looking for a partner in the same way you always have, chances are you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes. It’s a much better idea to try something completely new. Get off the dating apps and head out into the real world instead. Accept every invitation  and get yourself out meeting new people. There are always lots of special events around Valentine’s Day which will allow you to spend time with like minded singles.


Don’t forget Romance

“When I first met my husband, he told me he would be away over Valentine’s on a business trip overseas. I was a bit annoyed about that, until the doorbell rang and a large bunch of flowers was waiting for me. Attached to it was a note saying I had 30 minutes to pack my bags before a taxi arrived. We had a wonderful romantic getaway in Paris.”  Even if you are single, romance is essential on your dates and makes everyone you meet feel special. This is as simple as treating people with respect.


 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You aren’t going to meet your Mr or Miss Right sitting at home watching Netflix box sets. If you want to find love you have to go where people are most likely to be. Join a class or club where you can meet new people. Find out if there are any interesting talks taking place around Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t find someone interesting right away you’ll learn something new which will give you a fantastic ice breaker.


Go Where Other Singles Are

Valentines Eve is without doubt, the most exciting night of the year if you are single! Walk in to any bar, restaurant, cafe, sports centre, art gallery or museum and see someone on their own, or in a small group – I can pretty much guarantee they are single. Never has there been such an opportunity to know for sure that the object of your affections is unattached. Take advantage – and good luck !


 Take Action every day

If you’d like to meet a partner in time for Valentine’s Day next year, you’re going to have to start prioritising your search now. Don’t put it off any longer as time goes by so quickly. If you don’t take action, nothing will happen. Make a plan now and work out exactly how you can increase your dating opportunities. If your diary is already full, seek some help from an experienced Matchmaking Agency such as Drawing Down the Moon. That way they can be working on your behalf while you carry on with your life.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Written by : James Preece
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