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What age can I use a dating agency

Choosing the right London matchmaking agency could be the first step towards a rich and fulfilling romantic life. Drawing Down the Moon is the UK’s longest-established matchmaking agency, introducing outstanding London singles since 1984.

Our mission is not just to make well thought out introductions, we are passionate about changing people’s lives. We take great pride in introducing our clients to other relationship minded single people with whom they can potentially develop a meaningful connection, and most importantly, help them celebrate finding love irrespective of age (though you must be over 18 to be considered for membership). 

We understand that it is not just our younger clients who can be apprehensive about seeking love, and appreciate it can be tough for our clients who are looking for love later in life too. Whether you have been single for a short while,  or are re-entering the world of dating after a period of change in your life. 

Our decades of experience has shown us that love is (thankfully!) ageless. Finding the right person for you, someone you can share love and romance with is, as it turns out,  a timeless joy that people of all ages deserve, and we know that the friendly matchmakers at DDM can take a pivotal role in finding you that joy.  

Here at DDM we take an empathetic, client-focused approach. We see our clients not just as people looking for love but as unique individuals with unique stories, and even more unique romantic futures. 

Our team of friendly and professional matchmakers work closely with each client, gaining a deep understanding of their values, aspirations, and preferences to provide a personalised matchmaking experience. 

We’ve had the privilege of witnessing the budding, nascent start of tens of thousands of stories of love and romance, right here at our agency,  each successful introduction a testament to the power of love and connection.

Who are Drawing Down the Moon’s Clients?

Our clients are successful in their own right, each one with their achievements, aspirations, and diverse life experiences. Often our clients make it clear that they are not looking for “anyone”, they are looking for someone. 

Someone who understands them, someone who will value who they are, and the life they have lived. And that is where we start and where our expertise shines. 

By using a bespoke approach to matchmaking and personal introductions, we ensure that we connect you with individuals who, while definitely not being identical to you, will be someone who might be able to enrich your life, and you theirs.

At Drawing Down the Moon, we believe that matchmaking is just one of many options that a single person can call upon in order to find love. And for some people, a matchmaker might not be the right option for them – something we explore in far greater detail in our post – ‘Is a dating agency right for you?‘ (Which is well worth a read if you are currently considering working with a professional London matchmaker).

Is Age a Factor in Finding Love Through a Matchmaker? 

As the UK’s original matchmaking firm, we have decades of experience in knowing what kinds of people are most likely to succeed when using our services. And we can tell you with that vast knowledge – age certainly never comes into it. 

So what does? Well, openness to the types of people you would like to meet – so not having a huge list of requirements in a potential partner (Love is not a list!), being open to the type of person that might be right for you, and then very importantly, giving that person a chance. Giving that person an opportunity to shine. We all get nervous when we date, so being kind in our responses goes a long way in the path to love – whether you are dating again for the first time in your 60’s, 70’s or looking for love in your 80’s!

Over the years we have been able to see patterns emerging that allows us to be fairly accurate in our assessment of the ages at which we can start to help people in their search for a partner, and what we can tell you is this: that there is no age limit to love. 

We must be clear though – you do need to be over the age of 18 in order to apply for our services or to receive a call back, and we find that most people start to consider a professional London matchmaker when they are over the age of 21. 

Our oldest client to date was 83 years old, and he was introduced to a wonderful lady. As he said when he joined “what have I got to lose?” And while most of our clients are definitely not Octogenarians, we can reassure you that whether you are in your 60’s or 70’s is just as great a time to find love as in the decades before. 

As the premier London matchmaking agency, we have a huge selection of eligible clients of all age ranges, ready to find the love of their life. Age has never been a deterrent in finding love in real life,  so why should it be an issue in matchmaking? We are proud to say it is not. 

Outside of our extensive contact list, and the networks of our team of extremely well-networked matchmakers, we also headhunt extensively, meaning that we are constantly speaking to and being introduced to kind, capable, interesting and engaging relationship minded singles in London.

Matchmaking – Your Personalised Journey Towards Love

At Drawing Down the Moon, we see matchmaking as more than just a service; it’s our craft, honed over decades, focused on a single goal: to help you find the love you deserve, at any age. 

We understand that love is a journey unique to every single client we take on. We also know that hiring a matchmaker is just one of many avenues available to those who would like to find a partner who can enrich their life, and vice versa. 

We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to matchmaking. We appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each of our clients, understanding that they bring with them their own perspectives and expectations of love. And our team of matchmakers are here to not only listen, but also to challenge some of the preconceptions you may have about your search for love. 

We spend time getting to know you, discussing the list of criteria you might have, to find out just how vital those attributes are – to find out what kind of values you are looking for in a long term partner. To make sure you aren’t putting too many  barriers in the path  of finding love. After all – as we are fond of saying – “Love is Not A List”.  

We believe that each love story is distinct, and so we strive to provide a personalised experience that respects your individuality and aligns with your aspirations for love, no matter the decade you are in. 

Every educated, high-achieving client we work with is distinct, each with their own set of achievements, passions, and dreams. Our job is to help you find that special someone who can resonate with your life experiences and ambitions, someone who can be a partner in every sense of the word, white leaving space for one another to be different, and to grow. 

Our methodology is not about ticking boxes or writing down a checklist of attributes, either in you, or the person we seek for you. Instead, it’s about understanding you, your life, your values, and what you want and more importantly, need,  in a partner. It’s about finding that person who complements you, and you them. Not an easy feat. 

However, success in this often lies with you, our client. By being open about the kind of person you would lke to meet, about being open on what they could look like and the type of life they may have had to date. Despite what others may tell you, shared hobbies don’t necessarily amount to life long happiness. 

Our ethos revolves around inclusivity and personalisation. It is our commitment to help you discern if a matchmaker might be right for you. After all, we turn down a significant number of people who apply to us – mainly because they are not yet ready and open to find the right person for them.

Take a look at our comprehensive post titled ‘Is a dating agency right for you?‘ – a recommended read if you’re considering the idea of professional matchmaking. In our post, we delve into the myriad considerations involved in deciding whether a dating or introduction agency might align with your path to love.

Joining London’s premier matchmaking agency is not just about finding a date, it’s about choosing to change your life for the better. We only take on clients who are genuinely looking for a long term relationship.

It’s about taking control of your love life, it’s about making a decision to invest in your happiness. We invite you to explore this opportunity, to step into a space where love is celebrated, where your journey to finding your partner becomes a journey of self-discovery and growth. 

It’s never too late to find love, and the friendly matchmaking team at DDM are  here to guide you every step of the way.

Never Too Old: Age Is Just a Number in Matchmaking:

As seasoned matchmakers, we often get asked – “Am I too old to use a matchmaker?” To that, our resounding answer is – absolutely not! Age does not dictate your eligibility for love. 

As the UK’s oldest matchmaking firm, we’ve built our expertise over decades, learning the ins and outs of what makes a successful introduction. This wealth of experience has taught us one crucial fact: age rarely plays a role in finding a perfect partner.

It’s important to debunk the myth that matchmaking or finding love is reserved only for the young. Love and companionship are universal desires that extend beyond age. Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond, love can bloom, and we are here to guide and facilitate that process. Remember, you are not just a number in a statistical analysis. You are a vibrant individual, filled with experiences and dreams, and you deserve a companion who understands and values that.

We know that the success of our clients is not dependent on their age, but on their openness, and it is never too late to find love. 

You might be re-entering the dating world after a significant life change, or perhaps you’ve spent many years focusing on your career and personal growth. Whatever your dating or relationship history, we are here to assist you in writing that next, exciting chapter.

Succeeding in romance at any age depends a great deal on your openness to meeting people who might not be the same as you and having the ability to embrace them and their uniqueness, accepting them for who they are. 

Love isn’t a checklist but an adventure of discovery and acceptance. Our professional matchmakers are skilled in looking beyond superficial criteria, focusing instead on shared values, compatibility, and mutual respect.

That isn’t to say we always get it right. We are learning about you in the same way that you are learning about yourself. And as our Chief Matchmaker Gillian McCallum is fond of saying, if we always got it right the first time, we would only offer one introduction!

The thought of starting anew in your love life can be daunting. With a friendly matchmaker from DDM on your side, you won’t be alone.  

Every member of the DDM team is here to guide you, to be that friend who holds your hand through your own romantic journey. 

We know that every age is the perfect age to embark on the journey of love and companionship, whether you use a matchmaker or not!

What is the Best Age to Hire a Matchmaker?  

Our rich history of assisting our clients in their search for love spans across a diverse age range.

From 20 somethings stepping into the dating world to through our clients looking for love again (or for the first time!) in their 60’s and 70’s. 

Some of our older clients seek companionship, but most of our clients are looking for a healthy love life alongside the joy of getting to know someone while falling in love with what makes them, well, them.  

And with expert support and a friendly listening ear, we have guided many love stories to fruition. Our oldest happily introduced client to date was 83 years old, a testament to our firm belief that it’s never too late to seek love. When he joined, he confidently expressed, “What have I got to lose?” His story remains a source of inspiration for us and for everyone who thinks they might be too old to find love.

While the majority of our clients may not be octogenarians, we assure you that whether you’re in your 60’s, or 70’s, it is still a wonderful time to seek love, with just as many rewards as it was in the decades before. 

Since 1984, we have been privileged to be a part of countless love stories, and strikingly, there is no one age that is better than another when it comes to the optimum time to love. 

While our youngest clients don’t usually contact us until their mid 20’s, this doesn’t mean that matchmaking is reserved for the younger crowd.

Love doesn’t have an expiry date, and it’s never too late to start your journey towards finding it. If you’re considering joining the UK’s premier matchmaking agency, let our diverse age range of successful love stories reassure you. 

You’re not too old to find love. 

Instead, you might just be at the right time in life to let the DDM matchmakers assist love to find you.

Some Essential Qualities for Success in Matchmaking? Openness and Flexibility

Since 1984, we have evolved and adapted how we operate to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. In learning how we can work best for success, we have also learnt what clients can do to increase their chances of finding love while working with us. 

Chief among the advice we give to our clients, in their search for love, is for them to approach a new potential partner with openness and willingness to give potential partners a chance. 

We work with you to identify potentially suitable partners, and in doing so, it is crucial that you maintain as open a mind as you can with regards to the types of people that you think might be right for you.  

Love is not a list or a set of prerequisites, no matter what we might have believed in the past. Your search for the right person is an ever-evolving journey of understanding, acceptance, and personal growth. 

We can almost guarantee that the “right” person for you won’t fit a predetermined mould, and our aim is to not only search for what you are looking for, but also for what you might need, while always keeping in mind shared values, and the magic potential something in a potentially suitable introduction. 

As London’s premier matchmaking agency, our selection of eligible clients reflects this emphasis on openness and flexibility. We’re proud to offer an extensive and diverse client list, each client ready to embark on their journey with us towards a happy, successful, long term relationship. 

We are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way. Whether you’re new to dating or have been searching for the right person for you for some time,  we’re here to help you navigate your journey towards finding the love of your life.

No Age Limit in Your Search for Love

Our expertise, honed over decades of successful matchmaking, has allowed us to identify patterns and while we strongly believe that matchmaking is an art, rather than a science, we do have a solid evidence-based approach to helping our clients. 

One key insight we’ve learned is this: there is no age limit to love. Each phase of life offers unique experiences and perspectives, and we have found that there is always room for the adventure of love to be part of your journey.

At Drawing Down the Moon, we hope that we can dispel some of the misconceptions around age and love. To make sure no-one ever thinks they are too old to find it. It is never too late. After all, age is not a deterrent in real life; it shouldn’t be in matchmaking either. 

Our ultimate goal is to change as many lives as possible for the better, forever.  To do our utmost to infuse our clients’ lives with love, companionship, and happiness. 

Our ambition is to introduce you to people you might not have met had it not been for us, as well as people you should have met, but for some reason didn’t.. People who enter your life, only because they were also invited to receive membership of Drawing Down the Moon. 

Your journey to finding love in London starts with a single step. If you are between the ages of 21 and “I’ve got nothing to lose”, apply now and let the award winning matchmakers at Drawing Down the Moon be your guide in the pursuit of love.

Joining a matchmaking agency is a great way to find love, and at Drawing Down the Moon, we have been helping London singles of all ages find love since 1984.

Have you got more questions about DDM matchmaking membership demographics? Please contact us for more information.

As the UK’s Premier matchmaking company, we have been  successfully introducing tens of thousands of interesting people since 1984. 

Contact us now, perhaps we can change your dating life for the better, forever?