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Long-Distance Love

How to maintain a long distance relationship

Long-distance relationships can be tough no matter how strong your relationship is. Technology has made them easier, but dating someone in a different time zone, country, or even continent still leads to difficulties in connecting emotionally and truly ‘being there’ for one another.

For starters there are logistical problems: syncing up your calendars can seem like a mammoth task, especially if you both work full-time. But it’s vital to make time for each other, or you risk producing a sense of disconnect in the relationship. Even a quick message before bed every night can be enough to keep the romance alive.

Make the most of video calls, which have transformed the nature of long-distance relationships, making them far more bearable when you’re struggling with being apart. Share a meal together, watch a film together—set yourselves up and press play at the same time! It can almost feel like you’re genuinely sharing the moment.

Maintaining trust through communication

But one of the more fundamental challenges you’ll both need to overcome is maintaining trust. No relationship—especially over a distance—can survive if you don’t trust each other. In a healthy relationship there’s never a doubt in your mind that your partner is faithful. They say they’re at work, out with their friends, at the gym? You take that as gospel. So if you start to notice a creeping sense of uncertainty, you need to sit your partner down and open up about how you feel. 

Communication is key, particularly when you’re separated by land or ocean. If you don’t feel you can talk to your partner about everything and anything, good and bad—that’s a red flag. And if you disbelieve what they tell you, your relationship might not be as healthy as you’d like to think.

Of course, if it’s not always been long-distance then you might just be adjusting to the new situation. Dormant insecurities can come a-knocking at the most inconvenient of times. That’s normal. But if distrust pervades your relationship and something feels off—well, instincts exist for a reason.

Keep socially active

Moreover, you should never be so preoccupied with your relationship that you aren’t living your own life. If you’re finding yourself hanging around waiting for them to get in touch with a one-line text, chances are you have better things to be doing.

Keep active, hang out with friends—perhaps you’ll suddenly have lots more time to spend with them after having been ensconced in your relationship. Remember, your partner will be attracted to you simply because you’re an individual having your own experiences.

Being far apart doesn’t mean you have to feel far apart. By making time for one another, scheduling dates, and keeping communication honest and transparent, you’re far more likely to succeed in maintaining your long-distance relationship until such time you’re together once again.

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