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More Couples Find Love at DDM Matchmaking

The Chemistry of Love

Last week we received some more fantastic news: two couples happily matched by Drawing Down the Moon are expecting babies and another couple are due to wed – all in the month of March! Now that is what we call job satisfaction!

It’s not only the colourful dating stories we hear which enhance our working day – these genuine happy endings not only makes us feel that we’ve done our job well, but also give us an excuse to open a bottle of bubbly! Our office is absolutely buzzing when we hear of yet another dating success story.

Even with our decades of matchmaking experience, ultimately it all comes down to that elusive chemistry. The members mentioned went on a few dates before they met their ‘significant other’. Some of those previous dates were great matches ‘on paper’ but there was that special something missing.. It’s that ‘something’, that ‘chemical thing’ that makes it work. And it’s that special reaction that it creates which makes our job as matchmakers the best in the world.

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