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Professional and ready to date

Most dating agencies either market themselves towards or ultimately attract a particular type of clientele. Over the course of the last 30 years, Drawing Down the Moon has built up a membership that is predominantly comprised of professional people.

That includes architects, doctors, journalists, bankers, accountants, entrepreneurs, HR consultants, barristers and a host of other professions.

Of course, away from work these are primarily people rather than professionals, so what is the purpose of dating agencies for professional people?


Something that many of our members have in common is a lack of time. The greatest thing a dating agency for professionals can offer is the ability to take on some of the time-consuming tasks that accompany dating, and particularly dating with the aim of finding a meaningful relationship.

The chances of meeting someone when you’re snowed under at work and struggling to find the time to socialise are very slim. Finding time to go on dates isn’t necessarily the problem – it is spending the time finding people who you would want to go on a date with that is the real drain.

Joining a dating agency means that a professional person is set up on a series of dates with people who have been hand-picked as being a good match for them.

It reduces the time it takes to meet possible partners to an absolute minimum so that, instead, your initial investment of time is turning up to meet these like-minded matches. That leads us neatly to…

Like-minded people

If you are at the top of your profession – or even working towards reaching the top of your profession – your career will sometimes dominate your life. Perhaps you will have to work long hours, travel for business or bring your work home with you on occasion.

Based on the thousands of successful matches we have made over the years, busy professionals tend to pair off with fellow busy professionals. It make sense, really: there are shared values, an understanding of each other’s work commitments and similar drive or ambition. These are not bad starting points when you are looking for a relationship that will last.

Therefore, it also makes sense to join a dating agency that is aimed at professional people to maximise your chances of meeting someone who is well-suited to you and your life.

A professional approach to dating

The other main thing that a dating agency for professionals can offer is a professional approach to dating. Certainly at DDM, we focus on working to the standards and, sometimes, methods that our members expect from their corporate lives.

For instance, we use headhunting techniques more commonly deployed by executive recruitment firms to go out and find matches for our members if we don’t think their soulmate is among our current members.

Equally, we carry out extensive security vetting and interview processes on all new members when they join us. This is the sort of diligence that our clients would take for granted in their professional lives, but it can often be overlooked by dating agencies.

You can read more on our commitment to being a professional dating agency for professional people here.

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