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What it means to be a Matchmaker

Dating agency professionals

If you think about, if there is any problem in your life that you lack the skills, tools or time to solve for yourself then your immediate response will be to call in a professional.

Whether it’s compiling the company accounts, tiling the roof or even making dinner, when you can’t do it yourself you will want an experienced professional to do it on your behalf.

Drawing Down the Moon is staffed by dating agency professionals. In other words, we are to your love life what an accountant is to your business books, what a roofer is to missing tiles and what a chef is to your decision to eat out this evening.

What makes a dating agency professional?

It comes down to track record and experience really – just the things you would demand from a professional in any other field. Drawing Down the Moon was founded in 1984, so we have built up a wealth of experience and matched thousands of couples in that time.

Our managing director Mary Balfour is arguably the most experienced dating agency professional in the UK. In fact, she is regularly sought out as a media commentator on relationships and dating due to her extensive knowledge. She also offers professional dating guidance in the form or mentoring, coaching and seminars.

DDM senior consultant Kate Kennedy has more than 20 years’ matchmaking experience. She points to the pleasure of meeting new people and helping them on a new adventure in their lives as a major factor in making matchmaking her profession.

Indeed, all of DDM’s team are long-serving, professional matchmakers who are excited by the prospect of matching a couple who go on to enjoy a long and happy relationship.

You can meet the rest of our dating agency professionals here.

Professionalism in the dating agency

As well as the aforementioned experience and our record of matching couples over more than three decades, DDM also brings an additional layer of professionalism to the dating agency. We look to the corporate world to inform the way the work.

For instance, we adopt the sort of headhunting tactics usually reserved for big business recruitment and apply it to finding successful matches for our members. Just as recruitment firms know that you can’t always rely on placing a job advert and hoping the right person sees it, so we believe in being proactive to help people find their future partners. Maybe the right person for you isn’t on our books right now, so we will set about finding them.

Before we make any introductions, all our members are subject to a rigorous interview and security vetting process – another layer of professionalism that you don’t always get when you’re meeting new people.

This professional approach to dating works for us because so many of our clients work in a corporate world. As such, our approach, systems and attention to detail are very familiar to them from their day-to-day activities in the workplace. It makes sense to apply that to their search for love.

If you feel a professional dating agency is what would help you as your try to meet people, please get in touch.

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