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How we find you love

Finding your perfect match in an overcrowded room can be an arduous task. Some might say it is an almost impossible task given the number of red herrings you’re likely to encounter. But your chances of a good catch increase tenfold when you cast your line with a personal introduction agency (no more fishing analogies, honest).


We know that some people feel a little reticent about using a dating agency. But you’ll find that the people who use a good agency are generally more positive, focused and successfully assertive in their dating life.

Our carefully vetted members will have good relationship histories and social skills, showing they have the potential to ‘click’ with other members.

In addition to the usual background information, we ask about what films and plays you’ve recently seen, you’re favourite music, what you’d do in an ideal day and lots of other questions that enable our experts to evaluate who you’ll be most compatible with.

When we are trying to match someone, we usually have several members of the team on the case, each contributing their personal knowledge about the individuals concerned. We won’t ever ask you to lower your standards in your search for your soulmate but we will ask that you open your mind. Sometimes the places you didn’t think to look provide the most fulfilling surprise.


Feedback after dates is a vital part of the Drawing Down the Moon system. It is confidential and enormously helpful for considering future matches. We never give feedback directly to the member it concerns without the express permission of the originating party.

We find it is more constructive and tactful to only proffer feedback in general terms on request and only when we can offer suggestions on improvement. This gives the DDM way of doing things a big plus over ‘real life’ where it’s rare to get the opportunity to learn what other people really think about you.

Worth remembering

Introduction agencies are tools, not magic lamps. An introduction agency will multiply your dating opportunities, but can’t make all your wishes come magically true.

Joining one will not necessarily result in a happily ever after every time. You can experience rejection and disappointment as well as the excitement and buzz of meeting someone very special.

Don’t rush things.  Just enjoy yourself and think of every date you meet as a friend, until the time comes that they can be someone more in your life.

Join us at Drawing Down the Moon. If romance is missing in your life, we can help you find it.

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