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Am I in Love?

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Whether you’ve started dating again recently or are entrenched in a cycle of dating, sometimes it can be difficult to work out whether you’ve found love or not.

Often people tell us that they have concerns about not spotting love when it does arrive or, just as bad, thinking they have found love when they haven’t.

Sometimes these fears are unfounded and people just ‘know’ when it’s the real thing.

But to try to help you avoid any unnecessary apprehension and ensure you spot the tell-tale signs, here are our tips on knowing if you’re in love.

Love at first sight

It can happen, but it’s rare. Are you sure it’s not lust at first sight? It is easy to confuse instant physical attraction with the sort of chemistry that can be the basis for a lasting relationship.

The definite ‘no’ at first meeting

As mentioned above, the instant fireworks are unlikely, particularly if you’re meeting through an online dating website or a dating agency.

Since you’re already wondering if this person will be your next partner, it creates a nervousness and a level of expectation that goes beyond what you would experience in a normal social setting. On that basis, you need time to see if the relationship could develop into love.

Seeing someone for who they are

Many relationships start with a honeymoon period, but there’s only so long you can sustain only seeing/only being shown somebody’s good side.

An excellent indication that it really is love is when you can see your partner for who they are and love them for their frailties.

You will find more pointers in the video above.

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