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Dating in Manchester


Manchester has quite a few “great date” locations throughout the city. If you are not sure how to narrow down your selections, this list will help you find trendy and unique date ideas in Manchester. All that is left is to make a lasting impression, so dress your best and work your confidence!

1. Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

This ice cream parlour has been a favourite since 2010. Along with a brick and mortar shop, they operate a food truck that provides catering for personal and public events. Everyone loves to clamour for these tasty treats. They have even been given awards because of how innovative they are. The popularity is largely because of the flavours and quality ingredients used for both the ice cream and sorbet. You can find typical flavours, such as strawberry and chocolate. You can also find exotic tastes, like the Marmalade on Toast. The best part is, you can still enjoy the ice cream if you are vegan because they have many vegan-based options. Besides, who does not love an ice cream date?

2. Marble Arch Inn

Marble Arch Inn

This is a traditional British pub, known for the large selection of beers. The reason they make this list is because they are a staple in Manchester. This is one of the places all the locals will talk about. They often host different events at different locations too. You can join them for a “Takeover”, where guest-hosts bring in personal brews. With 2 locations (one on Thomas street, the other on Rochdale road), you can choose whichever is closest to you and your accommodation. If you are a fan of trying different beer, put the Marble Arch at the top of your list.

3. Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing

Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing

For the more adventurous date, you can bring that special someone to go axe throwing. This is exactly what it sounds like. Here, you will be throwing axes at a target set up across the room. Test your dexterity and get your bragging rights. Do not worry about safety because you will receive full training before you are able to start. If you want an adventurous date without the risk of axe-related injuries, you can head to Chill Factore instead. What is the Chill Factore? An indoor ski slope, and the longest one in the UK!

4. Salut Wine Bar

Salut Wine Bar

Salut is spacious with a relaxing atmosphere. There is plenty of space and the staff really know what they are talking about! With over 400 different wines, there is no questioning why Salut makes a great date location. They offer different ways to serve you wine as well. This means you are able to sample different tastes and truly challenge your taste palates. Bring your date here and discover a new favourite. The best part is that the wines are available for purchase as well. This may be good to note for the future. If you and your date end up in a relationship, you can always buy a bottle of their favourite wine from the first date to celebrate an anniversary later on!

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