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Do you need a Dating Coach?

Working with a personal dating coach

What is a dating coach?

A personal dating coach is no different than a coach in any other walk of life, such as business or sport. In each of those examples, the role of a coach stems from an acceptance that our performance can improve on the basis of advice and assessment from a suitable third-party.

Whether you are trying to polish your presentation technique, improve your golf swing or make a better first impression on dates, the right coach can work wonders for you.

DDM’s personal date coaching

So, what does date coaching entail? That is likely to vary between different coaches, which means it is well worth discussing in advance of starting coaching sessions what your prospective coach feels they can offer and what you can expect to get out of the sessions. It is better to ensure that your expectations match those of the coach at the outset.

Date coaching sessions can be scheduled to suit your busy lifestyle. The purpose of the sessions is to help you hone the skills that will allow you to make the most of dating opportunities, wherever they present themselves.

That means mentoring on personal presentation, confidence and communication skills – all of which are absolutely key to getting dates, making a good impression when you are on those dates and, should you wish, ensuring they lead to second dates.

We can also incorporate advice on profile writing and photos into the sessions if you are taking your search for love to an introduction agency, personal dating service or internet dating site.

Would date coaching work for you?

Over the 30 years that we have been matchmaking, we have come to notice that many people sabotage first dates – and they don’t have a clue that they are doing it.

Through poor communication, misleading body language or the little things we do when nervous that give off completely the wrong signal, we are all capable of presenting ourselves poorly on dates.

Even our choice of outfit or the way we style our hair can cause people to make snap judgements of us – the kind we all make on a first date to some extent – and reach inaccurate conclusions about our personality or outlook on life.

The biggest problem is that you might not even know what it is you’re unwittingly doing to scare off first dates. A coach can help you to identify anything that’s not creating the impression you want to make, then work with you to iron that out so that your dates go a lot more smoothly in future.

You will be able to provide feedback on how a date went and perform analysis with your coach of what went well and where there is still room for improvement.

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