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Matchmaking for Executives

Dating for Professionals with not much time to spare

At Drawing Down the Moon, we specialise in dating for professionals. A high percentage of our members are professional people, so we tailor our matchmaking service to work for them.

No doubt most of us would like to think that our professional lives and personal lives are completely separate. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to compartmentalise in reality.

For career-driven people, the balance between professional and personal always ends up in favour of work. In our experience, that’s true for everyone from ambitious junior executives to captains of industry. As a result, it can be hard for professionals to meet people they might want to date – at any stage in their career.

If you’re often working late, or even working so hard that a night out is out of the question some weeks, the chances of meeting your partner are very slim. We’re firm believers that the best way to find a meaningful relationship is to expand the number of people in your social circle; go on as many dates as possible, strike up conversations with strangers and make new friends (who may introduce you to someone in their own circle).

Your opportunities to follow that approach are severely restricted if you’re reliant on stealing the occasional night out when work allows.

It’s the same for everyone

There’s another little twist that makes it even harder for professional people who are looking for love. Our record of successful matches tells us that, ultimately, these people are looking for fellow hard-working professionals. They tend to build happy relationships with someone else who understands the importance and demands of a successful career.

Unfortunately, these would-be partners are all equally short of time and struggling to put any great deal of effort into dating. Even if you do make time to go and out to meet new people, many potentially suitable partners are probably still stuck at their desk that evening.

In short, meeting the sort of people you want to meet is very difficult.

DDM’s approach to dating for professionals

Our matchmaking service is built around circumnavigating the lack of time many professional people are able to dedicate to seeking out like-minded individuals.

We know that making time to go on dates isn’t the difficult part – it’s the time spent generating chance encounters with people you might want to go dates with that is the real issue.

So, we find matches for you among our members while also actively headhunting potential dates on your behalf. Professional people understand that sometimes you have to approach the right people rather than waiting for them to come to you. We take that philosophy from the world of high-level recruitment and apply it to dating.

By presenting you with potential dates that have been selected for you by our experienced matchmakers, DDM ensures that you simply have the opportunity to go out and meet new people who are well suited to you rather than having to find them for yourself.

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