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The matchmaker

Most people understand that the role of a matchmaker involves pairing people off into lasting and meaningful relationships, but perhaps fewer people know precisely what that entails.

Within the role there are a number of match maker services that, taken as a whole, will help clients to find love. These things might vary between different matchmaking services, but we will look at some of things that are offered by DDM in this article.


One of the first services that our members experience as part of their matchmaking experience is the interview process. We invite all prospective members in for a chat to discuss their situation and what they are looking for.

The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • We want to make sure that our matchmaking services will be of benefit to people before they join. If after the interview, we don’t think we can help, we will be honest about this.
  • The interview process includes an ID and security vetting aspect. This gives new members peace of mind that all their fellow members have undergone a similar level of vetting and checks.


If we don’t think we have someone’s soul mate among our members at a particular time, we offer a headhunting service. In short, we will go out and find people we think are well-suited to one of our members, recruit them as members and set them up on dates.

It is naive to think that Mr or Miss Right will always be on our books at a particular time. Headhunting is our way of tackling that challenge head-on.


Another of our matchmaking services is coaching. For people who are getting back into dating after a break, are lacking in confidence when they go on dates or just want to hone their performance on dates to increase their chances of making a good impression, we offer a date coaching service.

The coaching sessions cover topics such as presentation, personal confidence and communication skills.

Sounding board

An important match maker service is to listen to feedback about how a date went. This can form the basis of offering one or two pointers before a member goes on their next date, while also informing decisions about who might make a suitable match for future dates.

Spreading the word

As one of the UK’s leading matchmakers, our managing director, Mary Balfour, is often asked to talk about match making at public speaking engagements, on TV or in print media interviews and articles.

This might not initially seem like it is of benefit to someone using our matchmaking service, but the purpose is to spread the word about the benefits of matchmaking in general and specifically joining DDM. This means attracting more members and more potential dates for existing members.

Anything else that’s required

At DDM we offer a bespoke matchmaking service under which the entire matchmaking process is tailored to the individual in question, which means taking on any other duties that will help us to find their soul mate.

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