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Dating Online and Offline

Personal matchmaking vs online dating, the glove are on.

Many of our members get in touch with us having exhausted all the available online dating options and decided to try something different. At one stage or other they usually tell us they wish we had been their first port of call.

So how does a personal matchmaking service match up against online dating? Round 1….

The Price

No, we cannot compete with the online dating sites on price. But that simply reflects the additional levels of expertise and one-to-one guidance that we offer. Hopefully you’ll get a clearer idea of how that benefits you in the points that follow…

Security and vetting

At Drawing Down The Moon, we personally interview and ID check potential partners before we introduce you to them. With online dating you’re largely reliant on other people’s honesty, which means the system is susceptible to manipulation by fraudsters and predators.

Picking your dates

As a personal matchmaking service we’re able to draw upon our experience to match you with people who are truly compatible. Online dating sites lead you down a route of judging people on superficial levels. You won’t need us to tell you that many sites have their fair share of Walter Mitty figures. From ridiculously old photographs, to personal profiles edited to the point that they have little resemblance to reality, it’s difficult to know who you’re really approaching.


Our matchmaking process keeps you at arm’s length from potential introductions until we’re satisfied that they are compatible with you. The relentless back-and-forth of messages on dating sites creates a faux intimacy with potential partners. This creates unhealthy and unrealistic expectations before you’ve even had a first date.

Experience vs algorithms

There is still no algorithm that can accurately predict whether or not a relationship will work. So any method of finding a partner based on an algorithm is essentially a shot in the dark. The superficial factors we’ve already mentioned are the only guidance you can offer an algorithm.

Spoiled for choice

Research suggests we make bad buying decisions in supermarkets. Bamboozled by choice and offers, we end up making the wrong purchases. The same is true of online dating sites. With scores of profiles to trawl through, online dating websites can also lead you towards bad decisions. We’re glad to help you make better decisions.

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