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Why You need to Date British now

10 reasons to date a british person

You can’t deny it: there’s just something so damn alluring about British folk.

1. The accent!

This is the big one—we all know it. Everything sounds better when said in a British accent. Whether they’re ordering at a restaurant, chatting on the phone, or reading the instructions on a bottle of cleaning fluid—the cadence of that accent is just delightful.

2. They don’t take themselves too seriously

A lot of people can’t have a laugh when the going gets tough. Being laidback is an underrated quality, and makes people a lot easier to talk to. When it comes to the British, their culture revolves so much around irony and taking an easygoing approach, so you can easily express yourself in their presence without fear of judgment.

3. You won’t always understand them—but it’ll be an experience

If you’re from the Anglosphere, you might be amazed at how many unfamiliar words British English uses for everyday activities. Suffice it to say, you’re in for quite the ride! There’s also vast variation in dialect across the UK, so it might take a while to grow accustomed to your partner’s way of speaking—but they’ll see the humor in that and happily educate you!

4. They’re more patient than most

No matter how many questions you ask, Brits won’t mind—they’re used to it! After all, people from across the globe have long been fascinated by them. More importantly, Brits are also more patient when it comes to romantic disputes. They’re gentle souls, understanding and sympathetic.

5. You’ll always have something to talk about

Brits are awesome conversationalists. They’ll keep the dialogue flowing even when you’re struggling with nerves. And if you’re stuck for subject matter, asking about their accent, where they’re from, and for some fun examples of British slang are all surefire ways of kickstarting an interesting chat—or chinwag, as your British partner might say!

6. They’re polite

The entertainment industry paints Brits as exceedingly cordial. This stereotype is rooted in truth: your British partner may tend to apologize for things that aren’t remotely their fault!

7. The men are chivalrous

The Brits are known for being cultured and refined, so it should come as no surprise that chivalry’s alive and kicking on that side of the Pond. Men hold doors open and walk on the outside of the sidewalk. They pull a seat out for their female companions. You might not be accustomed to this at first, but you’ll soon learn how important it is to the culture.

8. They dress well

British guys have a great sense of style. It’s not uncommon for a Brit to be au fait with the finer details of dressing well, such as how to properly fasten his tie or use cufflinks. The same goes for the ladies. You’ll never have to question their fashion sense!

9. They’re so damn charming

It’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a combination of their culture and upbringing—maybe it’s just something in the water, too. When you date a Brit, expect to be swept off your feet by the power of their words!

10. They love sharing

Whether it’s photos of places they’ve been or things they’ve done, your British partner will love to share their life and interests with you—even in seemingly trivial ways. In fact, sometimes the more apparently insignificant the better—that means they want you to get to know the minutiae of their life!

Brits can be the perfect partners

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