Don’t Get Attached Too Soon

One of the problems our DDM experts often see in our clients’ past relationships is the ‘falling too hard too fast‘ scenario. They’ve gone on ‘a’ date, met someone they really like and all common sense had flown right out the window! Next thing you know they’re calling – often, popping up unexpectedly and basically exhibiting stalkerish behaviour. (Lock up your bunnies!)

What may have been a promising relationship has been well and truly scuppered by one half of the couple moving at warp speed while the other bewildered participant is left shaken, resentful and pondering  the ending of Fatal Attraction.

Take your time

You may well have felt a spark, bonded over a mutual admiration for Bond movies or been totally mesmerised by your dates lips, but,  take…….slowly….. And YES we’re talking about SEX!

It’s essential you take the time to get to know someone, before leaping into bed with them and allowing your hormones, pheromones and any other moans to eclipse your better judgement. Sex should be a physical expression of intimacy and love and those things only develop with time,  joint experiences and common aspirations.

Watch for the signs

Be aware of your own behaviour patterns after you meet someone you like. Are you constantly waiting to hear from them? Attributing the normal everyday stuff they do to some greater meaning? Shutting out friends and colleagues who are trying to drag you back to reality?

Take a breath.  Get back to normal. And don’t give up.

Making a chance

It can be a challenge. To be be surrounded by friends who seem to have effortless success in the dating department, happy couples sharing candlelit meals and romantic walks, but make no mistake this is all within your grasp too.

Ditch your old bad habits. Join a dating agency. Meet likeminded people, searching for the same end result as yourself. Get good advice from experts who’ve seen it all before and care enough to be at the end of the phone when you need them.

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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