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How to Date at Christmas

Christmas dating tips

It’s party season and opportunities abound for meeting interesting, and hopefully available, people. The Christmas party can be a prolific hunting ground for a potential mate. Your hosts and fellow guests are in celebratory mode, you’ll be looking your best and there are likely to be at least a few fellow partygoers who are single.

So, let’s look at just some of the ways you get make the most of those opportunities:

Get Your Groove On

Girls – Make the most of the occasion to seriously pamper yourself before you go, dress in something that flatters your figure and shows off either legs OR bust (never both!) Make- up can be dramatic, sultry or indeed understated whatever you feel most comfortable with land makes you look your very best.

Guys – Make an effort! You’ve got the perfect excuse to ditch the jeans for a night and look smart and sexy. Ties are optional, but in our opinion a well knotted tie that can be casually loosened later in the evening, is very sexy. You probably want to keep the make-up to a minimum!

Both – Wear great shoes! But keep in mind that dancing is almost compulsory at a Christmas party and you will want a certain level of comfort.

Making A Connection

The host/hostess should know almost everyone attending, and if there’s someone in particular who looks like he or she might be interesting to talk to you can always discreetly check out who they are, what they do for a living and whether they are available for further investigation. Once you’ve sussed out your target, you need to move deftly and directly, the attractive and unattached can get monopolised by other singles very quickly. Suddenly the party’s drawing to a close and the nearest you got to chatting to anyone remotely single was someone who you didn’t remotely fancy, but looked in need of some Christmas spirit. So what to do …?

The simplest method of approaching someone who looks interesting is simply to ask them their connection to the party. “So how do you know Robert/Samantha?” Anything starting with “My wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner” or even “We …” is probably a dead end.

Once you’re chatting to someone who has taken your fancy, try to relax and enjoy it. Be a good listener, ask questions and check out whether there’s any eye contact. If they turn out to be not quite so scintillating as you’d hoped then excusing yourself to the loo is still the best way of extricating yourself from that sort of situation and wasting potential man or girl hunting time. If they excuse themselves to go to the loo and don’t return within a few minutes, or goes off to get another drink without offering you a refill, take the hint and their departure in good grace. The attraction wasn’t mutual.

Continue to work the room, chatting to guest you do know, keeping a look out for signs that someone might be interested in you. Give people a chance. Maybe the quiet one, looking a bit lost by the Christmas tree might have more to them than meets the eye and maybe next time you’ll have more success.

Tips To Remember

However nervous/excited you are, being the worse for wear, drink wise, is never a good look. Enjoy but pace yourself…

Don’t hang around in a huddle with your your own sex! This is not an awkward school disco. Mingle.

If it does look promising, offer to give them your number. The ball is then in their court and you have noting to lose …

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