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The Matchmaking Process

How our matchmaking process works

If you’ve never joined an introduction agency before, you might be wondering how it works. Even if you’re familiar with matchmaking, here’s a bit of an insight into the magic of Drawing Down The Moon’s elite dating service.

You call us for a chat
The first stage is that you pick up the phone. You’ll start to get a feel for whether you’re interesting in becoming a DDM member.

We’ll invite you to our office in Marylebone
If you’re happy with what you heard in the telephone call, we will invite you to chat in person at our office.

But we’ll only do so if we think we can help. If for any reason we can’t, we’ll talk you through alternative options. It’s almost a free date coaching session.

We’ll get to know you a bit better
At this stage we need more detail from you about what you want from a relationship. Watch the video above to hear our MD, Mary Balfour, talking in more detail about the sort of things we’ll need to know.

Invite you to join
If, based on our discussions up to this point, we think we can find suitable matches for you, we’ll invite you to become a DDM member.

We introduce to people
Once you’re a member, we’ll use our know-how to start finding matches for you.

You’ll be put in touch with people – all interviewed and vetted members of DDM – we think might be right for you.

It’s then over to you to meet them for a date.

You give us feedback
After every date you can pop in, phone us or call us on Skype to give feedback on how it went.

We can use this information to guide us when we’re finding your next match.

We go headhunting
Yes, we’ll actively seek out your partner for you.

Find out more in the video above.

If you are ready to meet someone special, contact the friendly award winning matchmakers at Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking.

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