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Domino Dating to Find Love

Serial Daters vs One at a Time

I have two good male friends and one female friend who seem to have a date pretty much every other day and they love the pace! I also have 2 friends of each gender who only date very occasionally i.e. once or twice a year, but when they do they seem to have very high expectations for that one date which can easily cause unnecessary upset.

So, which formula works better? Well, if you think of dating as ‘numbers game’ which it can be, it would have to be the former which Mary Balfour calls the ‘Domino-dating’ formula: the more people you meet the more chance you have of meeting the right one. This is especially effective when using an internet dating site where it’s easy to arrange dates for every single night of the week if you’ve got the time!

What agencies like Drawing Down the Moon can do is to help people who are busy professionals who don’t have time or the inclination to scroll through Internet dating sites – people who want someone else to do the ‘leg-work’ for them.

My opinion is the more avenues you explore the better!

What would be your preference?

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